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Welcome to the Company of Heroes 3 Battlegroup Wiki, a comprehensive resource for all things related to Company of Heroes 3 Battlegroups!

Here, you will find a community-driven resource on CoHdex dedicated to providing comprehensive information and strategies for building and utilizing Battlegroups in Company of Heroes 3. Whether you are a new player just starting out or a seasoned veteran looking for new tips and tricks, the Company of Heroes 3 Units Wiki has something for you. The CoHdex team is committed to keeping the wiki up-to-date with the latest CoH3 patches and content releases. We rely on community contributions to ensure the information is accurate and relevant. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let us know on the CoHdex Discord Server!

Are all battlegroups covered in the wiki?

The COH3 Battlegroup Wiki aims to cover all battlegroups for the USF, UKF, DAK and Wehrmacht in Company of Heroes 3. However, as the game evolves with updates and expansions, new battlegroups may be introduced. The wiki is regularly updated to include the latest information.

What type of information is available for each battlegroup?

For each battlegroup, you can find detailed information on the units it includes, their statistics, abilities, and special characteristics. Additionally, the wiki provides strategic tips and recommendations on how to effectively utilize each battlegroup in different scenarios.

We aim to transform this wiki into an invaluable resource for the Company of Heroes 3 community. If you possess insights that can enhance the understanding of CoH3 players regarding units, please don't hesitate to contribute to the wiki! Consider adding sections such as Unit Overviews, Tactics and Strategies, Historical Backgrounds, and more. Feel free to be creative and share whatever you believe would benefit the community. Your contributions will play a pivotal role in making the Company of Heroes 3 Units Wiki an essential asset for players of all skill levels. If you identify any game data that should be included on the page, please inform us on the CoHdex Discord Server!

Some additional tips for contributing to the CoH3 Wiki

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Is CoHdex affiliated with the developers of Company of Heroes 3?

COHDEX is an independent community-driven platform and is not officially affiliated with the developers of Company of Heroes 3. It is created by fans for the community to enhance the gaming experience.