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CoHdex is being developed by a group of data analytics and visualization enthusiasts who love playing all types of video games. Our goal is to bring accessible guides, data, knowledge, and tools to the communities of the games we love.

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As long time fans of the Company of Heroes franchise, we've often found that much of the in-game data and statistics are not easy for the average player to access. Unit and faction stats get even more obscured when new patches hit, and data that was relevant one week ago becomes outdated and shifts the game's meta entirely. We've often found ourselves trying to help new players understand which units win what matchups, or describing the pros and cons of different factions and commanders. We decided to create CoHdex so that we could help not only our small community of friends, but the entire global Company of Heroes 3 community.

CoHdex is a work in progress and we're constantly adding new features to improve the site. We value any feedback from the CoH3 community so if you have any suggestions or feedback, or just want to find some friendly people to play team games with, please feel free to reach out to us on our Discord Server !


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