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Flak 30 Anti-aircraft Gun Team

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Flak 30 Anti-aircraft Gun Team
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Heavy weapon team effective against infantry and light vehicles. Must be set-up to attack. Can shoot down aircraft.

The Flak 30 Anti-Aircraft Gun Team is a Wehrmacht weapons team unit. In skirmishes, it can be produced from the .

The Flak 30 is a potent weapons team, essentially acting as a 'step-up' in power from typical heavy machine gun (HMG) teams. While bulkier and thus less flexible and mobile compared to HMG teams, it obviously carries much larger firepower once set-up and ready to go, although it cannot suppress without using an ability.

Like most weapons teams, it requires setting up before being able to fire, and once set up it can only fire on targets within its range and arc of fire. Compared to the , it has a slightly smaller arc of fire.

Offensively, this weapon is identical to the weapon used by the . This means that it deals the same damage, with identical weapon stats like accuracy. This weapon is effective against infantry and light vehicles, though its lack of penetration means it will struggle against heavier armour. It is also capable of shooting at aircraft, making it an effective anti-aircraft weapon if the planes stay within its arc of fire.

By default it has the Suppressing Fire active ability that becomes only available when the weapon is set up. At a cost of Munitions, activating this will temporarily increase its rate of fire and allow it to suppress infantry, at the cost of accuracy (and thus reduced overall damage).

This weapon can be towed by various vehicles such as the , when abandoned. However, if the weapon is crewed by a squad it may only be towed by a vehicle with transport capacity (such as the), as it can then transport the live crewmen at the same time.

As with other weapons teams, the weapons crew have a higher target size and thus are easier to hit compared to regular infantry. As such, they are vulnerable to taking damage far more easily and a good flank can quickly become devastating to them.

If the squad is killed, the weapon will become abandoned on the field, and thus can either be destroyed or crewed by any player including the enemy!


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

1000 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Unit is harder to hit.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

3000 XP

Increases burst length, accuracy, and rate of fire.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

6000 XP

Increases accuracy, weapon traverse speed, and health.

Veterancy Abilities

  • Button Vehicle: Active ability. Orders the unit to fire at the targeted enemy vehicle, greatly debilitating it with vision and speed penalties on penetrating hits. On deflected hits, these penalties are halved. This means Button Vehicle is quite powerful against many light vehicles, but its debilitating effects are less effective against armoured targets. Regardless however, it provides the AA gun the ability to contribute to anti-tank measures, by acting as a sort of ranged snare for enemy vehicles in order to support other dedicated anti-tank weapons.


Button Vehicle icon
Button Vehicle
Orders the crew to fire at vision blocks, reducing the target's speed and sight.
-50% vision, -50% speed, rotation rate, and acceleration on target. Deflections reduce speed penalty to -50%.
Time Cost


Suppressing Fire icon
Suppressing Fire
The crew fires the 20mm flak gun at its maximum rate.
Deals high suppression damage. +50% burst rate of fire, -50% accuracy.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Transport Heavy Weapon icon
Transport Heavy Weapon
Orders the unit to load the squad into the transport and attach their heavy weapon to the rear of the vehicle.
  • Suppressing Fire: Active ability. Only available when the weapon is set up. When activated, the Flak 30 temporarily gains both significantly faster rate of fire as well as the ability to suppress enemy infantry. This comes with a cost to accuracy however, which overall leads to reduced damage. A handy ability to suddenly allow the Flak 30 team to suppress at a moment's notice.

  • Transport Heavy Weapon: This weapon can be towed when abandoned. If not abandoned, only certain vehicles with transport capacity (such as the ) can tow this unit, as they are able to transport the live crewmen at the same time.