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6-pounder Anti-tank Gun Team

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6-pounder Anti-tank Gun Team
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Heavy weapon team effective against all vehicles. Must be set-up to attack.

The 6-Pounder Anti-Tank Gun Team is the standard AT gun unit for the UKF, produced from the Platoon Command Post.

As with all AT guns, it is a heavy weapons team that requires set-up before being able to fire. Once set-up, it may only fire within its range and arc of fire.

The 6-Pounder is fairly powerful for its cost, able to deal significant damage to most vehicles. As a downside however, they lack mobility and flexibility due to their set-up nature. Support must be given to them as they are quite vulnerable on their own.

Upon reaching veterancy level 1 it gains a new passive ability, Vehicle Hunter, which makes it more accurate against light vehicles. This is fairly useful as light vehicles tend to move fast and thus are generally harder targets to hit while moving.

This AT gun can be towed by certain units, such as the CMP 15ctw Truck. If the weapon is abandoned due to the crew being killed, it can also be towed by the Dingo Scout Car.

Weapon team members by default take more damage compared to regular infantry. Care must be taken as a sneaky flank can be very effective against them.

As with many weapons, once the crew is killed the weapon will be abandoned on the battlefield and can be re-crewed or destroyed by anyone, including enemy players.

This unit benefits from the Team Weapons Training upgrade available at the Training Center.


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

1000 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Unit is harder to hit.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

3000 XP

Increases accuracy, weapon traverse speed, and unit is harder to hit.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

6000 XP

Increases weapon penetration, rate of fire, and health.

Veterancy Abilities

  • Vehicle Hunter: Passive ability that grants the unit improved accuracy against light vehicles.


Vehicle Hunter icon
Vehicle Hunter
The weapon crew has improved accuracy against light vehicles.


  • Team Weapon Training: Available from the Training Center. Grants +800 veterancy XP. Veteran weapons team gains +10% accuracy, +10% reload speed, and -10% received accuracy.



Change Log

1.6 'Coral Viper' April 2 2024

  • Wind down decreased from 1.5 to 1.25