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Bersaglieri Squad
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Standard infantry effective against infantry at medium range. Moves fasters when out of combat.

The Bersaglieri Squad is a DAK infantry unit. In skirmishes they are only available as a call-in through the Italian Combined Arms Battlegroup.

Available immediately at 0 CP cost after choosing the Italian Combined Arms Battlegroup, they can be used as supplementary or even replacement mainline infantry unit for DAK players. Unlike the base DAK roster of infantry units, they do not have the Combined Arms passive nor the ability to repair damaged vehicles. Instead, they have the Quick March passive which massively boosts movement speed when out of combat, in addition to having access to frag grenades via the OTO Mod.35 Grenade active ability. At veterancy level 1 they gain the active ability Urra!, which increases movement speed and reduces received accuracy temporarily.

Bersaglieri initially are fairly light infantry. They have less durability than most squads and their firepower can be lacking against the mainline infantry of the Allies. When against the USF they will generally be out-damaged at all ranges except long range. Against the UKF the Bersaglieri have slightly better damage per second (DPS) at close range, but are out-damaged significantly at medium to long range. Bersaglieri are most comparable to the Wehrmacht , though comparatively Bersaglieri generally deal better DPS and have more health per model.

For Bersaglieri, their advantage is their early game prowess, as they do not require a long build time due to being a call-in, and can capture the map, scout effectively, and flank effectively thanks to their high movement speed when out of combat. Having relatively fast access to frag grenades can also make them unexpected threats and goes well with their effective ability to flank. One of their biggest weaknesses is a lack of anti-vehicle weaponry or abilities, so considerations must be taken when fielding multiple Bersaglieri.

While Bersaglieri are initially are on the weaker side of combat prowess, they can be upgraded over time with other battlegroup perks including increasing their squad size and gaining Breda LMGs.

If used as a supplementary unit, they can be an effective scout-like unit that, while lacking in firepower and durability, is very effective supporting other units, capturing weapons, capturing the map and rotating to answer threats thanks to their extra speed.

If used as replacement mainline infantry unit, comparisons with the will naturally occur. Bersaglieri offer a unique alternative playstyle, granting different opportunities and utility thanks to their extra speed and stronger focus on the early game. However, in general Panzergrenadiers will always scale better compared to Bersaglieri, given enough time and resources to access various upgrades. As such it is imperative to gain and make use of map/resource advantage over the opponent due to greater ease in capturing territory with Bersaglieri. It is worth noting that Bersaglieri lack anti-vehicle weapons or snares, whereas Panzergrenadiers gain access to AT snares from the DAK player naturally progressing the tech tree.

If one plans to use multiple Bersaglieri as a replacement mainline squads, generally more micromanagement will be required to effectively use them. If used correctly, their extra speed makes up for their weaker direct fighting power, allowing the player to take map control and fend off enemy attempts through quick rotation of the Italian troops. Overall though, they can be less forgiving if not managed properly due to lower durability.


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

900 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Unit is harder to hit.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

2700 XP

Increases accuracy, rate of fire, and unit is harder to hit.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

5400 XP

Increases accuracy, rate of fire, and health.

Veterancy Abilities

  • Urra!: Active ability gained upon reaching veterancy level 1. When activated, temporarily increases the squad's movement speed and reduces their received accuracy. Useful especially for flanking during combat where Quick March is normally disabled, while also granting a defensive bonus at the same time.


Breda Model 30 Light Machine Gun icon
Breda Model 30 Light Machine Gun
Upgrades the squad with an anti-infantry machine gun.
Munitions Cost


  • Breda Model 30 Light Machine Gun: Available only with the Italian Combined Arms Battlegroup. Once the appropriate battlegroup perk of the same name is attained, Bersaglieri squads will be able to purchase a single Breda LMG, which significantly increases anti-infantry performance at all ranges. Comparatively, Breda LMGs perform worse than MG34 LMGs, but have a cheaper Munitions cost as well as better performance on the move.


See the Armory page for more details and numbers behind each upgrade.

  • Veteran Squad Leaders: Globally adds combat bonuses to all infantry except the . Increases Panzergrenadier squad size by 1.


Plunder icon
Plunder a vehicle wreck for leftover weapons that is dependent on the wreck being an Allied or Axis vehicle. Panzergrenadiers - M1918 BAR or Breda 30 Light Machine Gun. Assault Grenadiers - Thompson SMGs or StG 44 Assault Rifles. Panzerjäger Squad - Panzerbuchse AT Rifle or M9 Bazooka. Panzerpioneers - M1919 Light Machine Gun or G43 Scoped Rifle.
Force Recon icon
Force Recon
Increases the Line of Sight of infantry when they are near vehicles.
OTO Mod.35 Grenade icon
OTO Mod.35 Grenade
Throws a grenade that deals high damage to infantry in a small area. Very effective against infantry in cover or structures.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Vehicle Support - Secure Location icon
Vehicle Support - Secure Location
Increases the capture and decapture rate of infantry when they are near vehicles.
+25% capture and decapture rate.
Vehicle Support - Secure Location icon
Vehicle Support - Secure Location
Increases the capture and decapture rate of infantry when they are near vehicles.
+25% capture and decapture rate.
Quick March icon
Quick March
Increases squad's speed when out of combat.
+40% speed.
Urra! icon
Increases speed and makes the unit harder to hit.
+80% speed and squad is -10% harder to hit.
Time Cost


  • Quick March: Passive ability. Increases the squad's movement speed when out of combat. Essentially doubles their speed, allowing them to quickly react to fights, return from retreats quickly, capture territory faster by getting to nodes faster, and flank effectively. Disabled when in combat.

  • OTO Mod.35 Grenade: Active ability. Requires either the Fire Support Element upgrade from the , or the construction of the in order to unlock this ability. Throws a frag grenade at the target area. Effective against stationary infantry and garrisons.

Battlegroup Abilities

Italian Combined Arms Battlegroup

  • Bersaglieri Bolster: Increase the squad size of Bersaglieri Squads by 1. This perk conflicts with the Vehicle Support - Secure Location perk.

  • Vehicle Support - Secure Location: Passive ability. Increases both the capture and decapture rate of infantry when they are near vehicles by 25%. This perk conflicts with the Bersaglieri Bolster perk.

  • Breda Model 30 Light Machine Guns: Once this perk is obtained, Breda LMGs are made purchasable for Bersaglieri and Panzergrenadier squads. This perk conflicts with the Vehicle Support - Force Recon perk.

  • Vehicle Support - Force Recon: Increases the vision range of infantry when they are near vehicles. This perk conflicts with the Breda Model 30 Light Machine Guns perk.



Change Log

1.6 'Coral Viper' April 2 2024

Bersaglieri are continuing to have their price reduced to match their combat power and make it easier to obtain Breda Light Machine Guns.  

Our intent has been to do a deeper review of the Combined Arms Battlegroup, as we have with other Battlegroups. However, for the time being, we are increasing the base power of the Bersaglieri unit as we continue this work.  

  • Manpower cost reduced from 280 to 260  

  • Breda 30 Light Machinegun munition cost reduced from 80 to 70