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Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK)

CoH3 marks the first jump to the Mediterranean theater, and thus the first ever introduction of the Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) in the series. DAK is likely the most complicated faction for beginners in the game, featuring a significantly different playstyle than the other factions with heavier emphasis on less forgiving micromanagment compared to other factions. They have arguably the most complicated decision making when it comes to upgrades and teching up, and their base roster alone contains far more units than any other faction (a whopping 22 unique units before counting Battlegroup additions!), giving players many choices that can easily feel overwhelming.

Described as a mechanized force, DAK plays heavily around this theme by having the most vehicle options in the game. Almost all their infantry benefit from being near their vehicles thanks to a 'Combined Arms' bonus, and many of them have the ability to repair. Unlike Wehrmacht, they are considered the more aggressive and mobile faction of the Axis - this is especially true given their earlier access to vehicles and overall mechanized theme.

  • Heavy mechanized theme, with emphasis on vehicles working with infantry. Various infantry gain bonuses (Combined Arms passive) when near vehicles, and nearly all of them have the ability to repair.

  • Access to vehicles super early compared to any other faction, allowing usage of light vehicles like halftracks very quickly.

  • Has unique call-ins that grants units for incredibly cheap price, but with a long 6 minute cooldown.

  • Largest base roster in the game, giving players many unit options for many situations. Includes very unique specialized units like the Recovery Half-Track that can 'revive' vehicles from the dead, or the 254 Reconnaissance Tractor with unique utility.

  • Massive amount of upgrades available at the Armory to help units scale better.

  • Can access the Tiger Tank without a Battlegroup.

  • Can access units representing Italy through certain Battlegroups.

  • Arguably the most intensive micromanagement out of all factions, and generally less forgiving gameplay compared to other factions.

  • Extremely demanding of Manpower resource.

  • Cannot build Snipers.



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