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Bofors Anti-air Emplacement

Bofors Anti-air Emplacement
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Emplacement very effective against infantry and light vehicles. Can shoot down aircraft.

The Bofors Anti-Air Emplacement is a UKF emplacement (structure). In skirmishes, it is only available exclusively with the Australian Defense Battlegroup. Once the Defensive Tactics perk is chosen, the and the units gain the ability to construct both the as well as the 17 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun Emplacement.

Once constructed, the Bofors is a hardy emplacement that can defensively hold the line against a wide variety of targets. It is effective against infantry and light vehicles, though it lacks the penetration to be effective against heavier armour. It can also target aircraft and thus is an effective anti-aircraft weapon.

This emplacement cannot be forced to manually turn and face certain directions based on player input (outside of forcing it to attack ground), and so the directional facing upon constructing it can be important for fastest reaction to enemy threats. However, unlike most heavy weapons the Bofors emplacement features surprisingly fast rotation rate, allowing it quickly face its weapon in any direction. This also makes it one of the only emplacements capable of quick 360 degree facing, and it also requires no set up time in order to fire.

As such it is far more flexible than most emplacements, allowing it to cover a large area without worrying about arc of fire like other weapons.

As a downside, this emplacement is particularly sensitive to minor terrain and elevation interference. Projectiles from this emplacement can easily be interrupted by small objects such as walls and rocks, as well as small changes in elevation. As such, proper placement is crucial as otherwise the Bofors' effectiveness can be hampered immensely by minor environmental factors. It is highly recommended to have as much flat ground as possible in any areas it may need to fire upon, as forcing the Bofors to have to fire uphill or through objects will reduce its effectiveness greatly.


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

1200 XP

Unit gains increased health.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

3600 XP

Increases accuracy and rate of fire.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

7200 XP

Unit deals increased damage and receives less damage.

Note: This unit does not gain any new abilities upon reaching veterancy level 1.

Change Log

1.6.1 Hotfix April 11 2024

  • Bofors Emplacement – As it is pretty expensive and immobile, we wanted to give the Bofors some more presence on the map and increase its general effectiveness versus infantry.  

    • Health increased from 600 to 720 

    • Reload time sped up from 4 to 3 seconds 

    • Area of effect increased from 1 to 2.5 

    • Area of effect far damage increased from 0.25 to 0.4 

    • Area of effect distance increased from 0.5/0.75/1 to 0.5/1.25/2 

    • Area of effect penetration increased from 1 to 5 

    • Angle scatter increased from 2 to 5 

    • Angle scatter max increased from 2 to 4

1.6 'Coral Viper' April 2 2024

  • Australian Defense Battlegroup added to the game.