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Churchill Black Prince Heavy Tank

Churchill Black Prince Heavy Tank
Churchill Black Prince Heavy Tank Portrait
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Heavy tank extremely effective against all targets. Strong front and side armor.

The Churchill Black Prince Heavy Tank is an elite UKF heavy tank. Available only as a call-in from the British Armored Battlegroup, it is the heaviest tank the Allies can have in skirmishes, and essentially rivals the Axis equivalent, the (DAK version: ).

The Black Prince has among the highest health out of all vehicles (tied with the Tiger Heavy Tank and ), alongside the highest armour value of all units (again tied with Tiger Heavy Tank). Many weapons will struggle to penetrate its frontal armour though as with all vehicles, its flanks are vulnerabilities. Unlike most UKF tanks, the Black Prince is armed with a fearsome weapon effective against all targets, as it is capable of punching through the heaviest of armour while also having effective area damage against infantry. It makes an excellent anchor to hold an area or push through the front, so long as it has support to help against anti-tank weapons and potential flanks. While it lacks utility, does come with Infantry Smoke Support by default, which is an active ability that allows it to deploy smoke.

At veterancy level 1 it gains the passive ability Critical Repair, which allows it to passively remove critical states like 'engine damaged' when out of combat.

With such a behemoth of a vehicle, this is the ultimate frontline asset, able to withstand tremendous amounts of punishment while pushing forward and dishing out massive damage on its own. All of this comes with a massive cost however, as it takes an incredible amount of Command Points to unlock in the first place, alongside a very expensive resource cost to call in. Once on the field it has a massive Manpower upkeep and Population Cap too. The Black Prince is among the slowest vehicles in the game, and thus care must be taken as it can easily be flanked due to its lack of mobility. Its lack of mobility also means it will be difficult to pull out of a bad position should it over-commit its positioning.

This unit benefits from the Armored Vehicle Training upgrade available at the .


heavy tank

CoH3 Stats light Cover Icon240
CoH3 Stats negative Cover Icon150
CoH3 Stats heavy tank Portrait
CoH3 Stats heavy Cover Icon440
CoH3 Stats light Cover Icon240
  • The Black Prince alongside the Axis Tiger Tanks have one of the highest armour values in the game.


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

2000 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Increases turret traverse speed, and acceleration.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

6000 XP

Increases rotation rate, rate of fire, and accuracy.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

12000 XP

Increases rotation rate, rate of fire, and acceleration.

Veterancy Abilities

  • Critical Repair: Passive ability granted upon reaching veterancy level 1. The unit will automatically remove immobilization critical states, such as 'Engine Damaged', when out of combat. This happens fairly quickly once out of combat, and is very handy as otherwise a damaged engine would require repairing the unit all the way back up to full health to remove the state.


Critical Repair icon
Critical Repair
The crew will automatically repair critical damage when out of combat.
Infantry Support Smoke icon
Infantry Support Smoke
Smoke canisters are deployed behind the tank when active.
Time Cost


  • Infantry Support Smoke: Active ability. When activated, constantly deploys smoke behind the vehicle for a short duration. During this time the smoke will still deploy even when moving, allowing the unit to create a trail of smoke as it moves. Useful to create a smokescreen for offensive or defensive purposes. However, given the extreme slowness of the Black Prince, this is more likely to be used defensively especially to retreat from anti-tank weaponry.

  • Armored Vehicle Training: Available from the Training Center. Grants +1250 veterancy XP, and veteran medium/heavy vehicle units gain +10% accuracy, +10% reload speed, and +10% penetration.




  • This unit likely has a Scottish accent.

  • The Black Prince tank is named after Edward of Woodstock, historically known as the "Black Prince", a 14th century military leader.

  • The Black Prince tank was an experimental development that never actually made it to the field. By the time prototypes were developed in 1945, other tanks made the Black Prince redundant, forcing the end of its development.

Change Log

1.6 'Coral Viper' April 2 2024

  • Infantry Support Smoke no longer locked behind veterancy 1 (Wiki note: Undocumented change)

The Tiger and the Black Prince are receiving a significant boost to their frontal armor to address survivability issues in head-on engagements. We are not increasing their side or rear armor to make facing with these tanks important and to reward flanking opponents.  

  • Front armor increased from 340 to 440