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Coastal Reserves Squad
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Support infantry effective against infantry at long-range when in cover or fighting near bunkers. Can repair structures and build defenses. Can gain free reinforcements from Bunkers.

The Coastal Reserves Squad is a Wehrmacht infantry unit. In skirmishes, it is available exclusively as a call-in with the Italian Coastal Battlegroup (which itself requires either purchase of the Hammer & Shield DLC pack, or unlock via Merit).

Coastal Reserves are available immediately with a 0 CP cost. They share many similarities with the , including low durability of 80 health per model, large squad size of 6, and generally being weaker in combat compared to many other units. To compensate, they are generally quite cheap with a low cost and upkeep, including one of the lowest reinforce costs in the game. In general, they can be thought of as an alternative unit to Grenadiers, serving a similar role but with very specific synergies with the Italian Coastal Battlegroup. They are overall far more defensive orientated than most units.

By default, Coastal Reserves are relatively weak in combat. Aside from their low health, offensively they have a similar damage curve with Grenadiers although they do deal more damage per second (DPS) at all ranges comparatively due to higher accuracy at all ranges. Uniquely however, their default rifles also have severe penalties on the move, including -75% accuracy and +50% cooldown when moving. These penalties combined with their low durability makes them extremely poor assault units, further emphasizing their defensive nature.

On the other hand, Coastal Reserves have various utility/defensive orientated abilities. One such passive ability is Defensive Infantry, which grants them +25% accuracy and +25% rate of fire when near bunkers or when in cover. This bonus is vital to using Coastal Reserves as otherwise they will underperform and trade inefficiently with the enemy.

They also have the passive Reserve Pool, which allows them to reinforce for free when near bunkers, on a 40 second cooldown. This again emphasizes their defensive nature, making them effective when holding the line near bunkers rather than pushing out.

Unlike most infantry units, Coastal Reserves have access to the same construction options that are normally restricted to engineer units only. Anything a can build, so can the Coastal Reserves, including sandbags, mines, resource caches, the , and the . In addition, Coastal Reserves build 25% faster than other units, again emphasizing their defensive nature as they can hastily build defences.

They also have access to a special Structure Repair ability, allowing them to repair structures (including bunkers) at the same rate as Pioneers, although they cannot repair any vehicles.

Lastly on the ability list, this unit can gain access to an anti-tank snare ability called OTO Mod. 42. Available after teching up to a certain level, it allows the squad to temporarily debilitate enemy vehicles by blinding them and disabling its weapons temporarily, but the ability does less damage and does not actually slow the target compared to other snare abilities (unless it causes Engine Damaged at 50% or less health).

Of special note is that this unit does not gain any veterancy abilities upon leveling up, but at veterancy level 2 they do gain +1 squad size.

Logically, Coastal Reserves are heavily tied to their specific Battlegroup, as they can benefit from various Italian Coastal Battlegroup perks, which adds on to the overall theme of defensive warfare. See the below sections for more info.

Overall, Coastal Reserves are an interesting alternative 'mainline' unit. Due to their heavy synergy with their Battlegroup, it would be wise to utilize them to their strengths and rely upon defensive warfare. In general, players using Coastal Reserves means they'll need to find a good position to hold down, and try to work around cover and Bunkers. With how defensive orientated Coastal Reserves are, it is not recommended to use them offensively unless supporting other units doing most of the heavy lifting. Their abilities can make them incredibly powerful on defence as even though they may not deal that much damage, they can stall and trade efficiently when working alongside Bunkers, and obviously can be further enhanced with certain Battlegroup abilities. It is also worth mentioning that they benefit heavily from the presence of an , another exclusive call-in unit from the same Battlegroup.

Their biggest weakness is their reliance on ideal defensive scenarios. Savvy enemy players can use artillery to effectively deal with fortified positions. Mortars are especially common to deal with early Bunkers. By destroying Bunkers and cover, Coastal Reserves will be incredibly lacking in combat, not to mention their low health means they are vulnerable to being wiped out by indirect fire or other burst damage like grenades. While they are good at stalling, their low damage output means they will be out-scaled fairly quickly as more advanced units and upgrades are deployed, so one cannot rely on them entirely. Wehrmacht players will need to transition to using them to support other units, just like Grenadiers.


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

800 XP

Unit is harder to hit.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

2400 XP

Increases accuracy and unit is harder to hit. Squad size increased by 1.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

4800 XP

Increases accuracy, rate of fire, and health.

Note: This unit does not gain any new abilities upon reaching veterancy level 1.

  • Of special mention is that at level 2, this unit's squad size is increased by +1, for a maximum of 7 members.


Structure Repairs icon
Structure Repairs
Repairs the target building. Hold CTRL to override repair command, allowing the unit to garrison structures or vehicles.
Restores +%1% health per second. Unit takes +100% additional damage and is +200% easier to hit while repairing.
Defensive Infantry icon
Defensive Infantry
Coastal Reserves are more effective when in cover or near bunkers.
+25% accuracy, +25% rate of fire.
Reserve Pool icon
Reserve Pool
Coastal Reserve Squads slowly replenish their squad for free when near bunkers.
Grants free reinforcement every %1% seconds. Recharge time only resets upon being granted reinforcement.
OTO Mod. 42 icon
OTO Mod. 42
Throws an OTO Mod. 42 grenade at the target vehicle. Deals less damage than other anti-tank grenades, but temporarily blinds vehicles.
Damages and temporarily disables vehicle weapons and sight for %1% seconds. Causes Engine Damage on vehicles that reach 50% health or below.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Note: Any abilities that refer to being near "Bunkers" means it works with any and its various conversions/variants, but they do not work with the pre-placed HMG Nests inside the HQ territory.

  • Structure Repairs: Active ability. Orders the squad to repair a target friendly building at a rate of +8 health per second. Can also order repairs by right clicking with the unit (hold the Control key by default to override the repair command, allowing them to garrison instead). Note that this unit can only repair structures - they cannot repair vehicles. Note that units repairing take +100% more damage and are +200% easier to hit, meaning it is extremely risky to repair while in danger of being attacked by enemies.

  • Defensive Infantry: Passive ability. This unit gains +25% accuracy and +25% rate of fire when in cover or when near Bunkers. Coastal Reserves are generally quite weak in combat, so this passive must be utilized properly or else they will under-perform and trade inefficiently against enemy combatants, emphasizing defensive warfare.

  • Reserve Pool: Passive ability. Coastal Reserves are granted a free reinforcement when near Bunkers, on a 40 second cooldown. This cooldown starts counting down when they are first deployed, and it only resets after a reinforcement is granted. In other words, once they've been reinforced for free, the cooldown will begin again. There is a visible indicator above the unit card that shows this cooldown timer. Another ability that emphasizes the defensive nature of this unit.

  • OTO Mod. 42: Active ability. Requires either the or to be constructed first. Throws an anti-tank grenade at the target enemy vehicle, dealing damage and temporarily debilitating it with the following effects: -100% vision range and disabled weapons for 5 seconds. If the target is damaged to 50% or below after the ability lands, it will also cause the 'Engine Damaged' state, permanently slowing the vehicle until it is fully repaired. This is the Coastal Reserve version of an anti-tank snare, though it is important to note it does not slow the target down at all unless it causes Engine Damaged on a weakened target. Otherwise however, blinding and disabling a target's weapons is incredibly powerful in order to get the upper hand when combined with other dedicated AT assets.

Construction Options

Of special note is that Coastal Reserves construct everything 25% faster than other units. Additional construction options can be unlocked within the Italian Coastal Battlegroup.

  • Sandbags: Creates a line of heavy cover that can be utilized by infantry. Counts as an obstacle that can vaulted over by infantry. Can be crushed by most vehicles.

  • Barbed Wire Fence: Creates barbed wire that cannot be passed through by infantry, but can be crushed by any vehicle.

  • Tank Traps: Creates a series of tank traps that cannot be passed through by most vehicles. They also act as scattered heavy cover for infantry. These are hardy obstacles that are durable to damage and cannot be crushed by anything but the heaviest of vehicles.

  • Schu-Mine 42: Lays down a mine that is triggered when any enemy units pass over it. The explosion is significantly damaging to infantry and will initially suppress them. Also deals significant damage to light vehicles, and guarantees 'Engine Damaged' to any vehicle. Can be destroyed by taking damage or by being dismantled by a Minesweeper.

  • Resource Cache: Constructs a resource cache over a captured resource node at a Manpower cost. Resource Caches increase the resource granted from its node by 50% (Munitions or Fuel). Does not increase Manpower income if built over a Manpower node. The territory itself cannot be captured until the structure is destroyed.

  • : Constructs a Fighting Nest for a small Manpower cost. Fighting Nests count as neutral structures that can be garrisoned by any unit, including enemies. Reverts to neutral status when no longer garrisoned. Can be garrisoned by a single squad. Garrisoned squads will benefit from the Fortified Combat Position Bonus, granting extra accuracy and rate of fire.

  • : Constructs a Concrete Bunker for a Manpower cost. Can only build in friendly territory. Can be garrisoned by a single squad. Garrisoned squads will benefit from the Fortified Combat Position Bonus, granting extra accuracy and rate of fire. The bunker itself can be upgraded into various forms, see its page for more details.

  • : Construction option only available if the Support Bunkers perk is chosen within the Italian Coastal Battlegroup. Builds a Command Bunker directly rather than requiring an existing bunker to be upgraded. Command Bunkers cannot be garrisoned and can toggle on acting as a Retreat point. Passively reduces the damage taken of nearby units and defensive structures.

  • : Construction option only available if the Support Bunkers perk is chosen within the Italian Coastal Battlegroup. Builds an Anti-tank Bunker directly rather than requiring an existing bunker to be upgraded. AT Bunkers cannot be garrisoned and is equipped with an AT gun effective against vehicles. Can only fire within its forward facing arc.

  • : Construction option only available if the Obice da 210/22 Artillery Emplacement perk is chosen within the Italian Coastal Battlegroup. Can only be built in friendly territory outside the HQ territory. Heavy artillery emplacement that is capable of firing devastating barrages.

This unit can benefit from the following Battlegroup perks:

Italian Coastal Battlegroup

  • Designate Defensive Line: Active ability. Permanently mark a friendly territory point or Bunker as a Defensive Line. Infantry in the radius take less damage. Heals vehicles and infantry out of combat. Lasts until destroyed, decaptured, or a new point is designated.

  • Support Bunkers: Allows Pioneers and Coastal Reserves the ability to construct the and directly from their construction menu. The can be also be upgraded into the anti-tank bunker.

  • Call the Reserves!: Active ability. All infantry units near bunkers will gain combat bonuses and periodically reinforce for free when active.

  • Obice da 210/22 Artillery Emplacement: Allows Pioneers and Coastal Reserves the ability to construct the in friendly territory outside the HQ territory.

  • Coastal Wall: Reduces the Manpower and Munitions cost of all defences, defence upgrades, and mines by 35%.


  • The default rifles of the Coastal Reserves are identical to the rifles the uses, with some major exceptions:

    • The Reserve rifles have better accuracy at all ranges, giving them higher damage per second (DPS) comparatively.

    • The Reserve rifles uniquely have higher penalties when on the move, including -75% accuracy and +50% cooldown while moving. This makes the Coastal Reserves poor assault units.