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Elite infantry extremely effective against infantry at short-range. Can throw grenades and anti-tank bombs. Heals when out of combat.

The Commando Section is an elite UKF infantry unit. In multiplayer skirmishes, they are only available as a call-in from the Royal Air and Sea Battlegroup. They should not be confused with the , which is a different unit. Unlike most call-in abilities, they can be air-dropped anywhere on the map except for enemy HQ territory.

As expected for an elite unit, they are considerably more expensive but are also of higher quality. They come with a large squad size of 6 and have more health than standard infantry units.

Commandos are armed with Sten SMGs which are very effective at close range but performs poorly beyond that range. They also bring with them a large amount of utility not commonly found in many units due to a large variety of abilities.

By default Commandos come with several abilities. Passive Healing allows them to slowly heal health over time when out of combat. Concealment is a passive ability that allows them to camouflage when in cover - attacking to break the invisibility grants them an ambush bonus that significantly increases accuracy and damage temporarily. In addition, the 'Cooked' Mills Bomb is a special hand grenade ability that has a far shorter fuse time, making it deadlier as there is less time for an opponent to react to it. Sticky Bomb is an anti-tank snare ability, useful to immobilize vehicles. High-Explosive Demo Charge allows them to plant a powerful demo charge similar to planting a land mine - once completed, the demo charge will camouflage and can be detonated manually by the player. Lastly, upon reaching veterancy level 1 the Commandos gain the Concealment Smoke ability which drops a smoke grenade at their location while also removing any suppressed/pinned state. More information about these abilities can be found in the below sections.

With how Commandos are kitted out, they are quite versatile and make for fantastic flankers especially since they are air-dropped in initially. Clever play allows one to utilize their Concealment to get the drop on enemy infantry, while their numerous abilities allow them to be useful in practically any situation. On the other hand, they are very expensive and can be difficult to attain. In addition, they are only effective at fighting in close range so one must be wary if they cannot get the jump on the enemy.

This unit benefits from the Infantry Training upgrade available at the .


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

1200 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Unit is harder to hit.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

3600 XP

Increases accuracy, rate of fire, and unit is harder to hit.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

7200 XP

Increases accuracy, rate of fire, and health.

Veterancy Abilities

  • Concealment Smoke: Active ability that is granted upon reaching veterancy level 1. When activated, the squad immediately drops a smoke grenade at their location. As with any other smoke ability, it will obscure vision to all units attempting to look through the smoke. In addition, this ability immediately breaks any suppressed/pinned conditions, allowing them to take action right away. A great complement to the Commando kit, it opens up a lot of options for them defensively and offensively. At the very least, it is a great emergency option when the Commandos run into trouble, such as being caught out by an opposing HMG team.


Passive Healing icon
Passive Healing
Enables the squad to heal themselves when out of combat.
Restores +%1% health per second.
Concealment Smoke icon
Concealment Smoke
Orders the squad to drop smoke bombs on their current position. Removes suppression or pinned conditions upon activation.
Time Cost


High-explosive Demo Charge icon
High-explosive Demo Charge
Plants a demolition charge at the target position. Extremely effective against structures and stationary units.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


'Cooked' Mills Bomb icon
'Cooked' Mills Bomb
Throws a short-fuze grenade that deals high damage to infantry in a small area. Very effective against units in cover or structures.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Sticky Bomb icon
Sticky Bomb
Damages and temporarily slows vehicles. Causes Engine Damage on vehicles that reach 50% health or below.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


  • Passive Healing: This unit passively heals at a rate of 1.6 health per second when out of combat. Great synergy with Commandos, whom typically are fighting behind enemy lines or waiting patiently in cover.

  • Concealment: Passive ability. The squad gains camouflage when in cover and out of combat. This means the unit is invisible to enemies unless they get fairly close. Moving out of cover for a few seconds, using abilities, or attacking will remove this invisbility. While in Concealment, the squad gains an ambush bonus after firing from camouflage, granting a massive temporary bonus of +25% damage and +40% accuracy for 5 seconds.

  • 'Cooked' Mills Bomb: Active ability. Throws a hand grenade at the target area. The timer for this grenade is much shorter than regular grenades (slightly less than 1 second), giving opponents far less time to react. Effective against infantry especially those clustered in cover or garrisoned in buildings.

  • Sticky Bomb: Active ability. Anti-tank snare ability that will hinder a targeted vehicle. Will cause 'Crew Shocked' to a healthy vehicle, temporarily slowing it down to a crawl. Against damaged vehicles, the ability may instead cause 'Engine Damaged', which hinders the vehicle permanently until it is fully repaired.

  • High-Explosive Demo Charge: Active ability. Plants a demo charge at the target location, similar to laying a landmine. After 'construction' is complete, the demo charge will camouflage just like mines do. It must be manually detonated by the player, who can click on a button that appears just above the demo charge to detonate it. The demo charge explosion is massive and incredibly destructive, capable of single handedly wiping out squads and significantly damaging vehicles. Ideally, it is best used where enemy traffic is expected, such as near a capture point. The demo charge can be destroyed if it takes enough damage by weapons, and it can also be removed by minesweepers. While it can be detected by minesweepers, it has an extremely small appearance and can still easily be missed by players, especially as certain environments will hide its visibility further. Note that if it is destroyed by damage, it will still explode and deal its regular damage.

Research Upgrades

  • Infantry Training: Available from the . Grants +800 veterancy XP, and veteran infantry units gain +10% accuracy, +10% reload speed, and -10% received accuracy.




  • The accent of this unit appears to be Irish, possibly south Irish.