Goliath Demolition Vehicle Symbol

Goliath Demolition Vehicle

Goliath Demolition Vehicle
Goliath Demolition Vehicle Portrait
Afrikakorps Icon

Mobile demo charge that can deal extremely high damage to stationary targets and damage the engines of vehicles. Low armor and health, but camouflages in cover. Explodes on death.


light tank

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Auto-Detonate On icon
Auto-Detonate On
Toggles the setting of the Goliath to automatically detonate when it is close to any enemy unit without requiring a manual command.
Camouflage Goliath icon
Camouflage Goliath
Goliaths are camouflaged in cover, even when moving.
Detonate Goliath icon
Detonate Goliath
Detonate the Goliath at its current position. Immediately destroys the unit and causes an explosion that deals high damage to any stationary target.