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Goliath Demolition Vehicle

Goliath Demolition Vehicle
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Mobile demo charge that can deal extremely high damage to stationary targets and damage the engines of vehicles. Low armor and health, but camouflages in cover. Explodes on death.

The Goliath Demolition Vehicle is a DAK vehicle unit. It is exclusively available to the Battrlefield Espionage Battlegroup. Specifically, it can only be produced by the for a large Munitions cost.

The Goliath is essentially a 'demolition charge on wheels'. Rather than act as a typical unit, its purpose is to get into position and explode to devastating effect, obviously destroying the Goliath in the process.

By default the Goliath can camouflage while in cover. Like any other unit it can remain camouflaged even while moving, but unlike typical units it will lose this invisibility immediately when out of cover. While a Goliath in camouflage can be detected through regular means of a unit approaching closely, it is also exposed from Minesweepers. As such, both Minesweepers and Detector units are reliable ways of detecting the Goliath at safer ranges.

The Goliath has very low mobility and durability. As such if caught out, it can be destroyed very easily at range from many weapons. It does have a fairly small target size compared to any other vehicle in the game, and thus several larger weapons will lack accuracy against it. When destroyed, the Goliath will explode much like any other demolitions charge, and so care must be taken as it can potentially harm friendly units depending on the situation.

Due to its low mobility and durability, taking advantage of camouflaging in cover is a necessity. Once in a good position, the player may manually detonate the Goliath to explode to devastating effect. Alternatively, Auto-Detonate may be toggled on which will allow the Goliath to detonate automatically when an enemy unit gets close.

Regardless, remember that the Goliath can be detected at range, and thus often times even if an opponent player is unaware of its presence, units may auto-attack at range as soon as the Goliath is revealed. Tricky positioning with terrain and sight blockers can be helpful to get it in more optimal explosion range of units, as well as micromanagement to move the Goliath closer once enemies have already closed most of the gap.

Alternatively, another useful way to use the Goliath is to position it to destroy retreating units, rather than attempt to ambush enemies that likely will spot it at safe distances.


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  • The Goliath is technically a vehicle but with such tiny armour values, any weapon can deal damage to it.


Auto-Detonate On icon
Auto-Detonate On
Toggles the setting of the Goliath to automatically detonate when it is close to any enemy unit without requiring a manual command.
Camouflage Goliath icon
Camouflage Goliath
Goliaths are camouflaged in cover, even when moving.
Detonate Goliath icon
Detonate Goliath
Detonate the Goliath at its current position. Immediately destroys the unit and causes an explosion that deals high damage to any stationary target.
  • Detonate Goliath: Active ability. Detonates the Goliath much like detonating a demolitions charge. The Goliath explodes, dealing massive area of effect damage and destroying it in the process. This is particularly devastating to all infantry and vehicle units. Vehicles not destroyed will often receive the 'engine damaged' state.

  • Auto-Detonate (Toggle): Active toggle ability. When toggled on, the Goliath will automatically detonate when it is close to any enemy unit. A handy way to reduce micromanagement needs, allowing the Goliath to act as basically a proximity trap. Note that this may not be optimal, as sometimes it may be more lucrative to explode when a unit is would be much closer to the center of explosion.

  • Camouflage Goliath: Passive ability. The Goliath can camouflage while in cover. Similar to other units, it can move while camouflaged. Unlike other units however, the Goliath loses this invisibility immediately upon leaving cover. On a related note, the Goliath can be detected by both regular means (detection range via proximity), as well as through Minesweepers.

Change Log

1.6.5 May 1 2024


  • Rotation speed increased from 45 to 55 

1.6 'Coral Viper' April 2 2024

  • DAK Battlefield Espionage Battlegroup added to the game.