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Standard infantry effective against infantry at long-range. Can reinforce depleted squads with Merge.

The Grenadier Squad is a Wehrmacht infantry unit. In skirmishes, they are available from the .

Grenadiers are the first technical 'mainline' unit available to the Wehrmacht. Unlike the other factions, the Grenadier is noticeably weaker in various areas compared to their mainline infantry units. Rather than serving as a strong generalist unit that is meant to scale well at all stages of a match, they typically instead serve as a 'basic' unit that helps hold the line and capture territory, supporting more advanced units in later stages of a match especially thanks to their unique abilities.

Grenadiers have among the lowest individual health of 80 hp per model, although they have a large squad size of 6 soldiers. In combat, they technically have a skewed damage curve where they deal the most damage per second (DPS) at close range, which tapers off in effectiveness at longer ranges. However, in general they are heavily out-damaged by USF at nearly all ranges except long range, and UKF out-perform them at all ranges except at close range where they have similar DPS. They also have low capture/decapture rates.

As such, Grenadiers are best used at range and in cover, as they will generally lose direct fights against many units. While they are lacking in combat effectiveness, thanks to their cheaper cost, they are great for stalling and supporting other units on the field. This is especially due to their unique construction options as well as the Squad Merge ability.

Grenadiers by default come with Squad Merge. This ability allows them to reinforce another squad that the player owns, assuming it is missing squad members. By doing this, the Grenadier squad will remove its own soldiers to join said squad. Merged soldiers will 'become' the new infantry unit, and thus gain all appropriate stats accordingly, such as their health, armour, and weapons. Cosmetically the unit model will remain a Grenadier model. Squad Merging is a very powerful unique ability for Wehrmacht players since not only does it allow instantaneous reinforcing of damaged squads even on the field, it overall saves Manpower since it is far cheaper to reinforce Grenadiers than reinforcing elite infantry squads.

They also by default, have the ability to construct Sandbags, Barbed Wire, and the . This is a unique benefit as typically only engineer units can do such tasks. These construction options allow Grenadiers to better hold the line and support other units by creating cover.

Grenadiers can eventually unlock the Stick Grenade and Panzerfaust ability. The grenade ability works like any other frag toss ability, and is most effective against infantry clustered together in cover or garrisons. The Panzerfaust ability is their anti-tank snare ability that allows them to damage and debilitate a targeted enemy vehicle. This Panzerfaust ability in particular is important as other Wehrmacht units tend to lack a similar snare ability, making Grenadiers still useful for aiding the overall army.

At veterancy level 1 they gain the Medkit ability, which when activated allows them to heal themselves while out of combat.

The dynamics change with the Assault Grenadiers perk from the Breakthrough Battlegroup. This battlegroup perk allows Grenadiers to be upgraded with Assault Package at a Munitions cost, replacing some of their default rifles with submachine guns that dramatically increases close range effectiveness but is ineffective at any further ranges. It also replaces their Stick Grenade ability with Grenade Assault, and unlocks the Sprint ability.

Uniquely, Grenadiers can be converted into more advanced units at the via the Transfer Orders ability. Once the appropriate buildings are constructed, the building unlocks the ability to convert a nearby Grenadier squad into either the or (requires the or respectively) for a Manpower cost. Note that squad veterancy experience is lost on transfer.

Overall Grenadiers are an interesting unit for the Wehrmacht. They are overall quite weak compared to equivalent early game units, emphasizing their utility qualities over direct combat quality. In the right hands Squad Merge is deceptively one of the strongest abilities one can utilize in the game - it is highly recommend to make use of this as it allows Wehrmacht to stave off Manpower bleed while maintaining a strong presence on the field. Outside of Squad Merge, they are one of few Wehrmacht infantry units with an anti-tank snare ability thanks to Panzerfaust, making them still useful for supporting other units at later stages of a match.

As mentioned before, if the Assault Grenadiers perk from the Breakthrough Battlegroup is attained, a new strategy with Grenadiers opens up. The Assault Package suddenly makes them viable assault units, capable of dealing significant damage at close range, which is made easier with their newly unlocked Sprint ability. Careful management is still a must as they still have low health per model, but this package allows them to become viable assault units that can punish poor positioning thanks to Sprint and increased close range damage. Note that since it only grants 3 submachine guns, Grenadiers can still be easily out-damaged by more advanced units.

Due to their weak nature, strategies often revolve around using multiple different units such as the and , rather than amassing Grenadiers alone. Grenadiers are great support units for heavy weapons, as not only do they add more bodies for protection, but they are useful for creating cover on-demand via sandbags. Squad Merge is also useful in a pinch if a weapons team is in danger of being killed off completely. As mentioned before though, getting Assault Package changes their dynamics and thus provides a different strategy of using Grenadiers. In the later stages of the match, rather than serve as the primary mainline unit of the faction, Wehrmacht typically use more advanced infantry as their 'generalist' infantry, with Grenadiers supporting them.

In the case of excessive deployment of Grenadiers, the Transfer Orders ability to convert them into more advanced units can come in handy. However, since veterancy experience is not transferred over and there is a Manpower fee, this is generally not a cost efficient way of producing Jäger or Panzergrenadier squads.


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

800 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Unit is more accurate and is harder to hit. Panzerfaust range increased.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

2400 XP

Increases accuracy, rate of fire, and unit is harder to hit.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

4800 XP

Increases accuracy, rate of fire, and health. Panzerfaust range is increased further.

Veterancy Abilities

  • Medkit: Active ability gained upon reaching veterancy level 1. When activated, heals damaged squad members at a rate of +6 health per second. A simple ability that allows players to heal damaged Grenadier squads, useful for keeping them out on the field longer and to ensure any future Squad Merges are done at the healthiest levels (as health percentage transfers over).


  • Assault Package: This upgrade package is only available when the Assault Grenadiers perk is chosen within the Breakthrough Battlegroup.

    For a Munitions cost, Grenadiers can be upgraded with this package. This upgrade replaces three of their default rifles with MP40 submachine guns effective at close range but ineffective at any further ranges. It also replaces the Stick Grenade ability with Grenade Assault, and unlocks the Sprint ability. For more info on these abilities, see the below section. Once upgraded this decision cannot be reversed/changed.

This unit can benefit from the following upgrades/perks listed below:

  • Infanterie Officer Quarters: Promotes all units from the HQ and Infanterie Kompanie to Veterancy 1 and increases their veterancy earn rate by 25%. Includes current and future units.

    • This affects the , , , , , and .

  • Transfer Orders - : Active ability at the building. Requires a . Spends Manpower to convert a nearby Grenadier Squad into a Jäger Squad. Squad veterancy experience is lost upon transfer.

  • Transfer Orders - : Active ability at the building. Requires a . Spends Manpower to convert a nearby Grenadier Squad into a Wehrmacht Panzergrenadier Squad. Squad veterancy experience is lost on transfer.

Breakthrough Battlegroup

  • Assault Grenadiers: Allows Grenadiers to be upgraded with Assault Package.

  • Breakthrough: Active ability. Infantry gain +50% faster capture/decapture rate for the duration of the ability.

Luftwaffe Battlegroup

  • Infantry Reserves: Reduces reinforcement cost of all infantry units by 25%.

Mechanized Battlgroup

  • Fuel Seizure: Infantry that capture fuel points immediately grants +5 fuel.

  • Mechanized Assault: Active ability. Vehicles auto-repair, and infantry move faster, take less damage, and are harder to hit when near friendly vehicles for duration of ability.

Italian Coastal Battlegroup

  • Designate Defensive Line: Active ability. Permanently mark a friendly territory point or Bunker as a Defensive Line. Infantry in the radius take less damage. Heals vehicles and infantry out of combat. Lasts until destroyed, decaptured, or a new point is designated.

  • Call the Reserves!: Active ability. All infantry units near bunkers will gain combat bonuses and periodically reinforce for free when active.


Grenade Assault icon
Grenade Assault
Every member throws a grenade that deals damage to infantry in the area. Very effective against infantry in cover or structures.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Stick Grenade icon
Stick Grenade
Throws a grenade that deals high damage to infantry in a small area. Very effective against infantry in cover or structures.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Medkit icon
The squad will slowly heal themselves and nearby infantry units when out of combat.
Restores +%1% health per second. Lasts %2% seconds.
Time Cost


Squad Merge icon
Squad Merge
Transfers squad members into an understrength infantry or team weapon unit.
Panzerfaust icon
Damages and temporarily slows vehicles. Causes Engine Damage on vehicles that reach 50% health or below.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Sprint icon
Increases squad's speed when active.
Time Cost


  • Squad Merge: Active ability. Orders the Grenadier squad to move close to the target player-owned squad that is missing squad members, and transfers as many members as possible to the new squad. When merging, the merged soldiers will 'become' the new unit and thus will gain the appropriate stats of the new unit including health, armour, and weapons. This also means that health percentage is transferred over, so a full health Grenadier model will become a full health new model, even if the new unit has more than 80 max health per model. Essentially, Squad Merge reinforces another squad as normal, while decreasing squad members from the Grenadier squad. Cosmetically, the newly merged soldiers still retain the Grenadier model. Squad Merge is deceptively powerful as it allows the Wehrmacht player to stave off Manpower bleed while maintaining a strong presence on the field, as reinforcing Grenadiers tends to be cheaper than reinforcing more elite squads the traditional way. Since reinforcing via merging is instantaneous, it is also very useful for saving squads that are in danger of being wiped out completely, especially weapons teams.

  • Stick Grenade: Active ability. Requires construction of either the or the . Alternatively, can also unlock by researching Infanterie Officer Quarters at the . The squad throws a frag grenade at the target location, which will explode after a short delay. Axis grenades tend to have slightly farther throwing range but slightly less area damage, compared to Allied grenades. As with any frag grenade, this is most effective against infantry clustered together especially in cover or garrisons.

  • Panzerfaust: Active ability. Requires construction of either the or the . For a Munitions cost the squad will attempt to move into ability range of a targeted enemy vehicle, and then fire off a Panzerfaust round. This ability functionally acts as an anti-tank snare, which deals damage and temporarily debilitates vehicles by reducing their movement speed. At 50% or lower health, the target may instead receive the 'Engine Damaged' state which permanently slows them until fully repaired. Note that Grenadiers are one of few Wehrmacht units with an anti-tank snare ability.

  • Grenade Assault: Active ability. Requires the squad to be upgraded with Assault Package upgrade in order to obtain, and it replaces the Stick Grenade ability. Grenade Assault orders the entire squad to throw a frag grenade each at the target location, for a Munitions cost. Since every member is affected, this means this ability scales with available squad members and thus less grenades are thrown if the squad is missing members. Most effective against clustered infantry units especially in cover or in garrisons. Note that this ability is available immediately when upgraded with Assault Package and does not require other tech requirements.

  • Sprint: Active ability. Requires the Assault Package upgrade. When activated the unit will gain +80% movement speed for 5 seconds. A simple ability to help the squad move into position faster, especially useful for hard hitting flanks. Long cooldown.

    Construction Options

    • Sandbags: Creates a line of heavy cover that can be utilized by infantry. Counts as an obstacle that can vaulted over by infantry. Can be crushed by most vehicles.

    • Barbed Wire: Creates barbed wire that cannot be passed through by infantry, but can be crushed by any vehicle.

    • : Constructs a Fighting Nest for a small Manpower cost. Fighting Nests count as neutral structures that can be garrisoned by any unit, including enemies. Reverts to neutral status when no longer garrisoned. Can be garrisoned by a single squad. Garrisoned squads will benefit from the Fortified Combat Position Bonus, granting extra accuracy and rate of fire.



The default Grenadier rifle deals the most damage at close range of 7 or less meters. At any further ranges it steadily decreases in damage per second (DPS) performance. That said, due to the weak nature of Grenadiers they still are best used at range and in cover, rather than rushing into close range as they tend to lose against most Allied units at close range.