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M8 Greyhound Armored Car

M8 Greyhound Armored Car
M8 Greyhound Armored Car Portrait
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Light vehicle effective against infantry and light vehicles.

The M8 Greyhound Armored Car is a light USF vehicle. In skirmishes, it is available from the .

The Greyhound is one of the earliest 'shock' vehicles the USF can attain in matches. It brings with it tougher armour than units like halftracks, making it basically bulletproof to most small arms.

Its main cannon is effective against infantry and various light vehicles. Its penetration is weaker than the UKF , but certainly higher than typical autocannons like the DAK utilizes. As such, it will typically struggle against most tank armour but is suited to destroying lighter vehicles. This unit can be upgraded with a pintle-mounted machine gun for additional anti-infantry firepower, as well as be upgraded with more health. See the upgrades section for more info.

Upon reaching veterancy level 1 this unit can choose between the Spotter or Seek and Destroy abilities, both of which offer unique utility. Spotter is a passive that improves nearby friendly vehicle accuracy, while Seek and Destroy is an active ability that increases movement speed and enables detection of enemy vehicles in a large range for the duration of the ability.

Similar to shock vehicles of other factions, if the player attains it early on before appropriate counters are in place, it can quite devastating. With a combination of immunity to small arm bullets, high damaging weapons, and high mobility, it can easily overrun infantry positions and even chase down retreating squads.

While it is more durable than typical light vehicles like halftracks, it ultimately is still a fairly light vehicle with low health and armour. As such, once appropriate counters arrive on the field, more intensive micromanagement will be necessary in order to continue keeping the Greyhound alive and active.

If the is constructed, Greyhounds can benefit from additional upgrades including unlocking the active ability Canister shot which is very effective against infantry. More info can be seen below.

Of special note is that the Greyhound has notoriously bad scatter when firing on the move, meaning it is more likely to miss targets by a large margin. As such, for best offensive results the Greyhound needs to fire while stationary. Practice with micromanagement can be very handy with the Greyhound in order to move into position, fire, and move again while reloading.


light armoured car

CoH3 Stats light Cover Icon30
CoH3 Stats negative Cover Icon20
CoH3 Stats light armoured car Portrait
CoH3 Stats heavy Cover Icon40
CoH3 Stats light Cover Icon30


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

1200 XP

Unlocks veteran ability choice. Increases rotation rate, turret traverse speed, and acceleration.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

3600 XP

Increases speed, rotation rate, rate of fire, and accuracy.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

7200 XP

Increases speed, acceleration, health, and rate of fire.

Veterancy Abilities

All USF units can choose between one of two veterancy abilities specific to them, upon reaching veterancy level 1.

  • Spotter: Passive ability. The unit passively improves itself as well as nearby vehicles with a +15% accuracy aura. A simple passive to improve the unit's combat prowess with no hassle. If one is able to keep the Greyhound alive in the later stages of a match, keep it near other friendly vehicles to improve their effectiveness.

  • Seek and Destroy: Active ability. After activation, the unit gains increased +20% movement speed and gains detection of enemy vehicles in the fog of war up to 75 range away, for a short duration. As the name implies, it allows the unit to be far more effective at locating and hunting down enemy vehicles. Detection through fog of war will allow the player to see vehicle icons in the fog of war of any detected vehicles, indicating their position - it does not however reveal the unit identity nor provide visibility of them. The speed boost alone can be handy for various purposes, such as emergency retreats or to chase down targets more effectively.


Armored Skirts icon
Armored Skirts
Upgrades the M8 Greyhound with armored skirts, increasing durability.
Munitions Cost


M2HB .50cal Heavy Machine Gun icon
M2HB .50cal Heavy Machine Gun
Upgrades the unit with a pintle-mounted heavy machine gun.
Munitions Cost


  • M2HB .50cal Heavy Machine Gun: Upgrades the Greyhound with a pintle-mounted MG, which can turn to face any direction. Increases anti-infantry firepower overall.

  • Armored Skirts: Upgrades the Greyhound with an extra +120 health points. Cosmetically, side skirts will be visible on the unit.


This unit can benefit from the following upgrades.

  • Smoke Shells: Grants the Smoke Launcher ability for all Sherman variants and the , as well as the Smoke Shot ability for .

  • Improvised Armor: Increases the armour value of the following units: , , , and all Sherman variants.

  • Specialized Munitions: Grants unique abilities for various vehicles:

    • and all Sherman variants: Canister Shot

Armored Battlegroup

This unit can benefit from the following battlegroup perks.

  • Veteran Crews: Grants veterancy level 1 to all current and future vehicles.

  • Fast Deploy: Reduces the production time of vehicles significantly.

  • Strength in Steel: Reduces the population cap cost and upkeep of all vehicles.

  • Field Repairs: Active battlegroup ability. Once activated, all vehicles will automatically self-repair when stationary and out of combat for the duration of the ability.

  • Seek and Destroy: Active battlegroup ability. Once activated, temporarily grants increased movement speed, accuracy, and rate of fire to all vehicles for the duration of the ability.

  • War Machine: Reduces the Manpower cost of all vehicles by 25%.


Canister Shot icon
Canister Shot
Fires an anti-infantry canister round that deals extreme damage to infantry in a large area when they are in the open. Damage is significantly reduced if enemies can gain cover bonuses.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Hold Fire Disabled icon
Hold Fire Disabled
Unit will not engage unless given a manual attack order when active.
Emergency Engine Repair icon
Emergency Engine Repair
Crew will repair vehicle criticals when out of combat and stationary.
Time Cost


Spotter Disabled icon
Spotter Disabled
Searches for targets directly in front of the vehicle.
Time Cost


Smoke Shell icon
Smoke Shell
Fires smoke shells at the target.
Time Cost


Unlock Spotter icon
Unlock Spotter
Orders the crew to take on spotting duties to increases the effectiveness of other vehicles.
Unlock Seek and Destroy icon
Unlock Seek and Destroy
Enables the vehicle to reveal enemy vehicles in the fog of war and increases speed.
Spotter icon
The M8 Greyhound improves the effectiveness of nearby vehicles.
+15% accuracy to affected vehicles.
Seek and Destroy icon
Seek and Destroy
Enables the vehicle to reveal enemy vehicles in the fog of war and increases speed.
+20% speed and detects vehicles up to range %2%.
Time Cost


  • Smoke Shot: Active ability that is only unlocked via the Smoke Shells upgrade available at the . Fires a smoke shell at the target location, creating sight-obscuring smoke cloud.

  • Canister Shot: Active ability that is only unlocked via the Specialized Munitions upgrade available at the . Fires a special round at the target area. This canister shot is extremely damaging to infantry in the open, but deals less damage to those in cover. Deals 50% damage against light cover, and 25% damage against heavy cover/garrisons. The ability is generally ineffective against vehicles.


  • Of special note is that the Greyhound has notoriously bad scatter when firing on the move, meaning it is more likely to miss targets by a large margin. It is recommended to fire while stationary for best results.