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Guastatori Squad
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Elite infantry very effective against infantry at short-range. Can throw smoke grenades, repair and build defenses.

The Guastatori Squad is an elite DAK infantry unit. In multiplayer skirmishes they are only available as a call-in through the Italian Infantry Battlegroup.

As with most elite infantry, Guastatori are expensive but high quality troops, with greatly enhanced durability. They come with a large squad size and have more health than most infantry. Plus, Guastatori also have the highest armour value out of all available infantry in skirmishes. Having armour essentially grants them more effective health against enemy infantry, as most small arms will have a reduced chance of dealing full damage to them (66.66% chance to penetrate). Uniquely, they also are able to fire flamethrowers while moving.

Guastatori are essentially elite combat engineers rather than typical infantry troops. They are capable of performing the same tasks engineers can do, including repairing damaged vehicles (albeit at an increased rate compared to all other infantry), constructing resource caches and defences, as well as laying mines.

By default Guastatori are fully armed with sub-machine guns making them very effective at close range but ineffective at any longer ranges. They also have access to Smoke Grenades and can construct Demo Charges, which is a concealed explosive that must be manually detonated by the player. They can be upgraded with Breakthrough Package which grants them two flamethrowers and the ability to cut barbed wire. At veterancy level 1 they gain the passive T.35 Gas Masks which grants several combat bonuses upon leaving smoke cover. In addition, they can be further upgraded with additional construction options through battlegroup perks. More information about Guastatori upgrades and abilities can be found below.

With strong durability and incredible utility, Guastatori serve as great shock troops on the frontline. By default, if they can get into close range they will deal immense damage and generally are capable of wiping out most infantry squads on their own. If armed with two flamethrowers, their anti-infantry capability is increased further as they can then easily dispatch infantry even in cover or in garrisons. Since they can fire flamethrowers on the move, this makes them effective rushers as they do not need to stop moving as they close the gap. Their high durability means that unlike typical engineers, they are quite capable of fighting directly instead of needing to be protected by other units taking fire for them. On the defence, their ability to do everything engineers can is very helpful as they can easily transition from fighting to repairing nearby vehicles, laying mines, and constructing defences. Their incredible stats and flexibility of course come at an expensive resource and upkeep cost, and while they can do many things they lack any real means of combating vehicles due to lack of anti-tank weaponry or snares.


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

1200 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Unit is harder to hit and fires faster.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

3600 XP

Increases accuracy, rate of fire, and unit is harder to hit. Improves repair and construction speed.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

7200 XP

Increases accuracy, rate of fire, and health. Unit no longer takes extra damage when repairing.

Veterancy Abilities

  • T.35 Gas Masks: Passive ability gained upon reaching veterancy level 1. When the squad leaves smoke cover, they gain a burst of movement speed, as well as reduced incoming suppression and received accuracy for a short time. Has a fairly short cooldown. Situational ability that works very well with any smoke cover that is created on the battlefield. Combines well with their own Smoke Grenade ability, especially when used as way to deal with HMGs and other problematic obstacles.


Breakthrough Package icon
Breakthrough Package
Upgrades the squad with two Lanciafiamme Model 40 and wire cutters.
Munitions Cost


  • Breakthrough Package: Grants the squad two flamethrowers effective against infantry. While it may cost more Munitions, having double the flamethrowers on a durable unit like Guastatori is incredibly powerful especially when it comes to nullifying cover and garrisons. Guastatori are also able to fire flamethrowers on the move, greatly increasing its power as they can continually gap close without losing damage. Also grants the Wire Cutters ability, allowing them to cut barbed wire. As with most special weapons, if the entire squad is killed the flamethrowers will drop to the ground and can be picked up by any infantry, including the enemy!

Armory Upgrades

  • Veteran Squad Leaders: Globally adds combat bonuses to all infantry. +25% veterancy rate gain, -10% incoming damage. Increases Panzergrenadier squad size by 1.

  • Advanced Field Repairs: Globally increases the repair speed of all infantry by +2.5 health per second.


Plunder icon
Plunder a vehicle wreck for leftover weapons that is dependent on the wreck being an Allied or Axis vehicle. Panzergrenadiers - M1918 BAR or Breda 30 Light Machine Gun. Assault Grenadiers - Thompson SMGs or StG 44 Assault Rifles. Panzerjäger Squad - Panzerbuchse AT Rifle or M9 Bazooka. Panzerpioneers - M1919 Light Machine Gun or G43 Scoped Rifle.
Wire Cutters icon
Wire Cutters
Destroys a section of barbed wire, enabling access to infantry.
Defuse Mine icon
Defuse Mine
Defuses the selected mine.
Force Recon icon
Force Recon
Increases the Line of Sight of infantry when they are near vehicles.
T.35 Gas Masks icon
T.35 Gas Masks
Guastatori gain suppression resistance and speed bonuses upon entering smoke. When they leave smoke cover, they gain additional combat bonuses.
-30% incoming suppression, +50% speed, and squad is -30% harder to hit for %4% seconds when active.
Time Cost


T.35 Gas Masks icon
T.35 Gas Masks
Guastatori gain suppression resistance and speed bonuses upon entering smoke. When they leave smoke cover, they gain additional combat bonuses.
-30% incoming suppression, +50% speed, and squad is -30% harder to hit for %4% seconds when active.
Time Cost


Smoke Grenade icon
Smoke Grenade
Throw a smoke grenade at the target location that can obscure line of sight.
Time Cost


Vehicle Support - Secure Location icon
Vehicle Support - Secure Location
Increases the capture and decapture rate of infantry when they are near vehicles.
+25% capture and decapture rate.
Advanced Repairs icon
Advanced Repairs
Orders the unit to repair the target vehicle, building, emplacement or bridge. Has increased repair rate. Hold CTRL to override repair command, allowing the unit to garrison structures or vehicles.
Restores +%1% health per second. Unit takes +%2%%% additional damage and is +%3%%% easier to hit while repairing.
Satchel Charge icon
Satchel Charge
Throw an explosive that detonates in a wide radius after a moderate delay. Effective against stationary targets and structures.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Vehicle Support - Secure Location icon
Vehicle Support - Secure Location
Increases the capture and decapture rate of infantry when they are near vehicles.
+25% capture and decapture rate.
Booby Trap Territory icon
Booby Trap Territory
Deploy a Booby Trap on the targeted point that explodes and makes the point more difficult to capture when enemies attempt to capture the sector.
Increases capture and decapture time by +100% for %2% seconds.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Note: Satchel Charge and Minesweeper abilities were removed from this unit in an earlier patch and thus are unavailable in skirmishes.

  • Advanced Repairs: By default Guastatori repair at a faster rate (+12 health per second) compared to the standard repair rate of typical engineer units (+8 health per second). The repair rate can be further improved with the Advanced Field Repairs upgrade from the Armory, increasing their repair rate by another +2.5 per second for a total of +14.5 per second.

  • Smoke Grenade: Active ability. Throws a smoke grenade at the target area, creating a smoke cloud that obscures line of sight to all units attempting to see through it. Smoke is useful for a variety of offensive and defensive purposes.

  • Wire Cutters: Active ability only available after the squad is upgraded with Breakthrough Package. Allows the squad to destroy targeted barbed wire section.

Construction Options

  • Sandbags: Creates a line of heavy cover that can be utilized by infantry. Counts as an obstacle that can vaulted over by infantry. Can be crushed by most vehicles.

  • Barbed Wire: Creates barbed wire that cannot be passed through by infantry, but can be crushed by any vehicle.

  • Schu-Mine 42: Lays down a mine that is triggered when any enemy units pass over it. The explosion is significantly damaging to infantry and will initially suppress them. Also deals significant damage to light vehicles, and guarantees 'Engine Damaged' to any vehicle.

  • Demo Charge: Constructs a demo charge that camouflages like mines do. The demo charge must be manually detonated by the player and will not trigger based on proximity. Extremely damaging with a wide blast radius, capable of wiping out squads and severely damaging vehicles. Can be detected and dismantled by Minesweepers, or destroyed from taking damage from various weapons.

  • Resource Cache: Constructs a resource cache over a captured resource node at a Manpower cost. A Resource Cache will increase the resource (Munitions or Fuel) granted from its node by 50%. The territory itself cannot be captured until the structure is destroyed. Does not generate additional Manpower income if constructed on a Manpower node.

Additional construction options can be gained from the Defensive Operations perk available within the Italian Infantry Battlegroup (see below for more info).

Battlegroup Abilities

Italian Infantry Battlegroup

  • Defensive Operations: Enables Panzerpioneers and Guastatori to build Teller Mines, Tank Traps, HMG Bunkers and Reinforced Barbed Wire.

    • Teller Mines: Lays down more expensive mines that only triggers upon vehicle contact. Deals far more damage than regular mines, and is quite capable of taking down many light vehicles on its own. Guaranteed to cause 'Engined Damaged' state to any vehicle.

    • Tank Traps: Creates a series of tank traps that cannot be passed through by most vehicles. They also act as scattered heavy cover for infantry. These are hardy obstacles that are durable to damage and cannot be crushed by anything but the heaviest of vehicles.

    • HMG Bunker: Construct a directional facing HMG bunker at a Manpower cost. The HMG bunker effectively acts as a stationary HMG structure that can suppress enemy infantry.

    • Reinforced Barbed Wire: Replaces the regular Barbed Wire construction option. Creates a line of reinforced barbed wire that cannot be crushed by most light vehicles. Takes longer to build compared to regular barbed wire.

  • Territory Booby Traps: Enables Panzerpioneers and Guastatori to plant Booby Traps on captured territory and Victory points. These traps are triggered after a short delay when an enemy unit (including vehicles) moves into the capture radius.




  • As of the December 5 2023 patch (Steel Shepherd), Guastatori are able to fire flamethrowers on the move. This unit as well as the USF are the only infantry units that can do this.