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M3 Armored Medical Half-track

M3 Armored Medical Half-track
M3 Armored Medical Half-track Portrait
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Light transport vehicle that can tow heavy weapon, reinforce and heal nearby infantry squads. Can be damaged by small-arms.

The M3 Armored Medical Half-Track is a USF light vehicle unit. In skirmishes, it cannot be built directly. Instead, it is available as a conversion upgrade for the , at a Munitions cost.

When the M3 receives the Medical Conversion upgrade, it converts it to this unit. This removes the default machine gun from the unit. In exchange, the M3 gains the ability to passively heal nearby friendly infantry at a rate of 4 hitpoints per second. It retains all the same utility the regular M3 has, including the ability to transport troops, reinforce squads, tow heavy weapons, re-crew weapons, and retains Support Veterancy.

Stats-wise this unit is identical to the regular M3 truck, with same durability and mobility. Veterancy abilities also remain the same.

This unit is the USF's primary forward healing and forward reinforcement vehicle, which can be very helpful especially on larger maps. Note that reinforcement time is doubled for units located 45+ meters away from the HQ, and tripled for units at that distance while also in combat. It also has a unique ability to re-crew abandoned weapons on the field at a small Manpower cost. This can be quite handy as it essentially produces a new squad to take over a weapon, without relying on sacrificing an existing infantry squad's members to take it. The result is not only Manpower savings, but also prevents the hassle or risk of having weakened squads on the field that need to be reinforced.

Care must be taken when using this near the frontline, as it is fairly easy to destroy due to its low health and armour. Unlike the regular M3 it is completely unarmed and cannot contribute to any fights.

Upon reaching veterancy level 1, it can choose between Salvage Crew or Fortify Position abilities. Salvage Crew is an active ability that can salvage abandoned team weapons into Munitions or vehicle wrecks into Fuel. Fortify Position is a passive that buffs nearby friendly infantry with faster construction speed and faster ability recharge. See below sections for more info.


light halftrack

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Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

1200 XP

Unlocks veteran ability choice. Increases rotation rate and acceleration.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

3600 XP

Increases speed, sight, healing range, and rotation rate.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

7200 XP

Increases speed, acceleration, reinforce range, and health.

Veterancy Abilities

All USF units can choose between one of two veterancy abilities specific to them, upon reaching veterancy level 1.

  • Salvage Crew: Active ability. The unit deploys a salvage crew represented by an untargetable model that will move and perform a salvage of the target abandoned team weapon or vehicle wreck. Salvaging team weapons grants Munitions, while salvaging vehicle wrecks provides Fuel.

  • Fortify Position: Passive ability. The unit buffs nearby friendly infantry with +100% construction speed and +25% ability recharge speed. A fairly niche ability, but can be quite useful to units with long cooldown abilities (especially various veteran abilities of USF units), and to expedite mine or defence construction.


Drop Heavy Weapon icon
Drop Heavy Weapon
Orders the unit to drop its towed heavy weapon at the target position.
Tow Heavy Weapon icon
Tow Heavy Weapon
Orders the unit to tow the selected heavy weapon. Non-abandoned heavy weapons will have their crew board the vehicle.
Unlock Deploy Salvage Crew icon
Unlock Deploy Salvage Crew
Salvages the target wrecked vehicle or abandoned team weapon.
Unlock Fortify Position icon
Unlock Fortify Position
Provides supplies to improve the construction of nearby defenses.
Rapid Reinforcement icon
Rapid Reinforcement
Increases the rate at which infantry and team weapons reinforce from the vehicle.
Auto-Reinforce Disabled icon
Auto-Reinforce Disabled
Automatically reinforces nearby infantry squads and team weapons when active.
Support Veterancy icon
Support Veterancy
Receives veterancy experience from nearby allies when they earn veterancy experience. The shared experience is split between each unit with this ability near that ally.
Fortify Position icon
Fortify Position
The Halftrack provides nearby infantry with additional supplies, increasing construction speed and reducing ability recharge times.
+100% construction speed, +25% ability recharge speed.
Time Cost


Medical Station icon
Medical Station
When stationary, heals nearby infantry that are out of combat.
Restores +%1% health per second.
Recrew Weapon icon
Recrew Weapon
Deploys infantry to recrew an abandoned team weapon.
Manpower Cost


Time Cost


Emergency Engine Repair icon
Emergency Engine Repair
Crew will repair vehicle criticals when out of combat and stationary.
Time Cost


Self-repair icon
Orders the crew to repair their own vehicle when stationary and out of combat.
Salvage Crew icon
Salvage Crew
Salvages the target wrecked vehicle or abandoned team weapon.
Time Cost


Note: Rapid Reinforcement, Emergency Engine Repair, and Self-Repair are not available in skirmishes.

  • Medical Station: Passive ability. This unit will passively heal nearby friendly infantry when stationary and out of combat. Restores +4 health per second

  • Reinforcement / Auto-Reinforce Toggle: This unit can reinforce nearby squads. Can toggle auto-reinforce on or off. Note that the player can still manually reinforce squads if auto-reinforce is toggled off. Note that reinforcement time is increased by +100% for units located 45+ meters away from the HQ, and +100% for units in combat. These penalties can stack for total +200% penalty.

  • Tow Heavy Weapon: This unit can tow heavy weapons. Since it has transportation capacity, it can also transport non-abandoned weapons due to being able to transport the weapon crewmen. Since the halftrack is a larger vehicle, it can tow the heaviest of weapons including the UKF and the DAK .

  • Recrew Weapon: The unit deploys two soldiers to recrew an abandoned weapon, for a low Manpower cost. This is generally a more efficient way of crewing abandoned weapons as it saves the hassle and cost of sacrificing an existing infantry squad's members to take over a weapon.

  • Support Veterancy: This unit receives veterancy XP when nearby friendly units gain XP. This allows the unit to gain XP even when not directly fighting.