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MG 42 Machine Gun Team
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Heavy weapon team very effective against infantry. Must be set-up to attack.

The MG 42 Machine Gun Team is a Wehrmacht heavy machine gun (HMG) weapons team unit. In skirmishes, it is available from the .

The Wehrmacht HMG team functions the same as any other HMG team. It requires setting up before being able to fire, and can only fire within its arc of fire once set up. As with all weapons crew their larger target size means it is easier for them to be hit for enemy fire. This, combined with their set up nature, makes them vulnerable to flanking and artillery.

As with any other HMG, infantry units it fires upon will quickly become suppressed, and if sustained fire is continued, those units can eventually become pinned.

The Wehrmacht MG42 is arguably the best HMG in the game assuming one values their overall utility for suppression. Compared to other factions and their equivalent HMG teams, it fires by far the greatest rounds per minute, allowing it to suppress the fastest. In terms of damage per second (DPS) performance, it falls behind the UKF , but otherwise lands safely as second place in the DPS department, generally out-damaging the USF and DAK .

Unlike the Allied HMGs, both Axis HMGs also feature greater arc of fire, making them slightly more forgiving in terms of positioning and ease of use.

At veterancy level 1, this unit gains the White Phosphorus Rounds ability. When activated, it forces the crew to reload the HMG and load WP rounds (prevents firing during reload process). For the duration of the ability the HMG gains significantly increased penetration, as well as gaining increased accuracy and damage against units in cover.

Similar to other HMGs, they also have a Reload ability that simply forces them to reload their HMG, disabling their ability to fire for a few seconds. CoH features a reload mechanic for every weapon in the game, which essentially is a cooldown on attacking. This ability allows a player to ensure the HMG is ready to fire a full burst, instead of potentially reloading immediately after firing for a second or less. While not necessary to make use of HMG teams, it can be helpful for those who can keep up with additional micromanagement of units on the field, as it can prevent awkward situations where an HMG does not suppress fast enough due to reload timers.

Overall, the Wehrmacht HMG team is a cornerstone of the faction. Due to how the faction is designed, few players will want to ignore using the awesome power of the MG42, as it brings a lot more power and ease of use compared to other equivalent HMG teams. As such, it is recommended to make use of these almost every match, though like any other weapons team it will need support on the battlefield. The MG42 is fantastic for holding the line and keeping map control, especially in the early game where they can be difficult to counter. However, it is very important to position them properly and protect them from flankers and artillery.

Once they level up, this unit has a rather interesting veteran ability that enhances its ability to fight off light vehicles and units in cover. While the increased penetration sounds impressive, it overall it still quite tiny penetration values (ex. at long range it becomes less than 5), and one must keep in mind it is not actively suppressing infantry if shooting at a different target. Use it to unexpectedly deal more damage to light vehicles but do not expect it to replace anti-tank weapons. On the other hand, it also allows the HMG to better fight units in cover, essentially nullifying some of their cover bonuses. The awkward forced reload can make using the veteran ability difficult, so ideally it is best timed before engaging enemies.


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

600 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Unit is harder to hit and increases suppression.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

1800 XP

Increases suppression, weapon burst length, and unit is harder to hit.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

3600 XP

Increases accuracy, suppression, health, and weapon traverse speed.

Veterancy Abilities

  • White Phosphorus Rounds: Active ability gained upon reaching veterancy level 1. When activated, forces the HMG team to reload the HMG (prevents firing for a few seconds during this process). For the duration of the ability, the HMG gains +425% penetration, +25% accuracy against units in cover, and +25% damage against units in cover. Essentially, units in green cover have their defensive bonuses reduced to the equivalent of yellow cover, while units in yellow cover will have their cover bonus nullified entirely. Aesthetically, the HMG will fire white phosphorus rounds, greatly changing how its projectiles are shown in-game with long streaks of white trailing the bullets and bombastic sparks flying off upon impact. An interesting ability that significantly improves its performance against light vehicles, though keep in mind the penetration values will still be low (ex. at long range, less than 5 penetration value) and thus is not a replacement for true anti-tank weapons. On the other hand, it can also be used to deal greater damage against units in cover. Note that it can be awkward to use due to forcing a reload timer upon activation, preventing it from firing for the first few seconds.


Reload icon
Orders the heavy machine gun crew to reload.
Time Cost


White Phosphorus Rounds icon
White Phosphorus Rounds
Orders the crew to load white phosphorous rounds.
+425% weapon penetration. +25% accuracy and +25% damage against units in garrisons, or light and heavy cover.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


  • Reload: When activated the HMG team will be unable to fire for a few seconds as it reloads. This ability helps ensure the HMG is ready to fire a full burst upon enemy contact, helping to avoid awkward scenarios where it only fires a partial burst that is less effective.

This unit can benefit from the following upgrades/perks:


  • Infanterie Officer Quarters: Promotes all units from the HQ and Infanterie Kompanie to Veterancy 1 and increases their veterancy earn rate by 25%. Includes current and future units.

    • This affects the , , , , , and .

Breakthrough Battlegroup

  • Breakthrough: Active ability. Infantry gain +50% faster capture/decapture rate for the duration of the ability.

Luftwaffe Battlegroup

  • Infantry Reserves: Reduces reinforcement cost of all infantry units by 25%.

Mechanized Battlgroup

  • Fuel Seizure: Infantry that capture fuel points immediately grants +5 fuel.

  • Mechanized Assault: Active ability. Vehicles auto-repair, and infantry move faster, take less damage, and are harder to hit when near friendly vehicles for duration of ability.

Italian Coastal Battlegroup

  • Designate Defensive Line: Active ability. Permanently mark a friendly territory point or Bunker as a Defensive Line. Infantry in the radius take less damage. Heals vehicles and infantry out of combat. Lasts until destroyed, decaptured, or a new point is designated.

  • Call the Reserves!: Active ability. All infantry units near bunkers will gain combat bonuses and periodically reinforce for free when active.



Change Log

1.6 'Coral Viper' (April 2 2024)

  • HMG 42 suppression against suppressed targets increased from 0.3 to 0.4.