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Humber Armored Car

Humber Armored Car
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Light vehicle very effective against infantry. Can damage light vehicles. Has increased vision range and low armor. Can reveal nearby camouflaged units.

The Humber Armored Car is a light UKF vehicle unit. Available from the , it serves as essentially a more expensive and combat-focused version of the . The Humber is very effective against infantry with a rotating autocannon and machine gun, and features fast mobility at the cost of durability. It also has greater sight range of 45 compared to 35 for most units.

The Humber is best used a shock vehicle, similar to cavalry of the old age. This means it can be attained relatively early, and use its superior speed and anti-infantry power to suddenly sweep into enemy positions and force them to retreat or die. Its weapon is also decent against various light vehicles, but will struggle to penetrate heavier armour. Without appropriate counters, the Humber can be an effective menace to take over map control and give the UKF player time to assert their positions before an inevitable counter-attack from the opponent.

By default the Humber also comes with the Smoke Barrage ability. This makes it one of few UKF units capable of creating smoke cover at range. After reaching veterancy level 1, another useful utility ability is added in the form of Mark Area, which provides vision in the target area while also making enemies in the area of effect easier to hit.

While the Humber can be very powerful, it is essentially a 'glass cannon'. It has good offense but lacks health and armour, meaning it is very vulnerable to anti-tank weaponry and even concentrated small arms. Great care must be taken to utilize the Humber effectively - indeed, plenty of player 'micromanagement' is essential. Depending on timing, it can be very effective on the field but this can fade very quickly if the opponent musters a counter vehicle such as the .

As time passes and the opponent gains more effective anti-vehicle measures, keeping the Humber alive becomes a greater challenge. Thanks to its strong anti-infantry performance as well as large sight range, it can still maintain a great degree of usefulness in the later stages of a match. Plus its abilities will always remain useful, especially as both the Smoke Barrage and Mark Area can be used at long range. However, this all assumes the player is up to the challenge as it is quite capable of being destroyed very quickly in the late stages without proper management. Similar to the Dingo, it can be a good idea to refund it via the Withdraw and Refit ability when it becomes too difficult to use.

This unit benefits from the Light Vehicle Training upgrade available at the Training Center.


light armoured car

CoH3 Stats light Cover Icon25
CoH3 Stats negative Cover Icon10
CoH3 Stats light armoured car Portrait
CoH3 Stats heavy Cover Icon25
CoH3 Stats light Cover Icon25


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

1000 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Increases rotation rate, sight, and acceleration.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

3000 XP

Increases speed, rotation rate, and accuracy.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

6000 XP

Increases speed, acceleration, health, sight and rate of fire.

Veterancy Abilities

  • Mark Area: Active ability gained upon reaching veterancy level 1. Marks a target area with a ground flare, providing vision around it but does not allow sight through blockers like smoke and terrain. Any enemy within the target area are easier to hit (+20% received accuracy). Simple to use and fires off fairly quickly with a decent cast range. Essentially grants free additional damage to enemies, making it a fantastic utility ability for fighting enemies that want to stay in an area.


Mark Area icon
Mark Area
The Humber marks a location with orange smoke that provides vision and reveals camouflaged units. Enemies in the area will be more vulnerable to incoming fire.
Enemy units in the area are +20% easier to hit.
Time Cost


Emergency Engine Repair icon
Emergency Engine Repair
Crew will repair vehicle criticals when out of combat and stationary.
Smoke Barrage icon
Smoke Barrage
Fires smoke rounds at the target. Blocks vision in an area upon detonating.
Time Cost


Note: Emergency Engine Repair is campaign exclusive and not available in multiplayer.

  • Smoke Barrage: Fires volleys of smoke rounds at the target area, similar to mortars. Fires off fairly quickly compared to mortars and with decent range. As it is a launcher that takes some time to fire, it is not fast enough to reliably drop smoke right on the Humber itself should it need an immediate emergency escape, so be wary.

Research Upgrades

  • Light Vehicle Training: Available from the Training Center. Grants +800 veterancy XP, and veteran light vehicle units gain +10% accuracy, +10% reload speed, and +10% acceleration.



Change Log

1.6 'Coral Viper' April 2 2024

  • Detection Range of 25
    The following units are Detectors and have a Detection range of 25:  

    • British Forces
      Dingo Scout Car, Humber Armored Car, Infantry Sections upgraded with the Recce Package 

    • US Forces
      1/4-ton 4x4 Truck, Scouts and their variations (Pathfinders, Artillery Observers)   

    • Afrikakorps
      Kradschutzen Motorcycle Team, 254 Reconnaissance Tractor, Panzerpioneers  

    • Wehrmacht
      Kettenkrad Recon Vehicle, 221 Scout Car, Pioneers

  • When units are marked with an orange flare by the British Humber Armored Car making them more vulnerable to incoming fire, you will now see a message on the left-hand side of the screen.  

  • The Humber was gaining veterancy too fast as its good anti-infantry damage allowed it to gain experience very quickly. Furthermore, a bug made the Humber reach veterancy 2 much faster than intended.  

    • Humber requirements increased from 800/2000/4000 to 1000/3000/6000