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Command Panzer IV Medium Tank

Command Panzer IV Medium Tank
Command Panzer IV Medium Tank Portrait
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Medium tank effective against infantry or vehicles. Improves the effectiveness of nearby vehicles.

Note: This page refers to the Wehrmacht unit.
For the DAK version, see here: .

Both units are identical though they benefit from different abilities and upgrades with respect to their factions.

This unit currently does not benefit from the Side Skirts upgrade available at the . This is likely an unintended bug.

The Command Panzer IV Medium Tank is an elite Wehrmacht medium tank unit. In skirmishes it is only available as a call-in from the Breakthrough Battlegroup.

The Command Panzer IV is a specialized version of a regular . It has nearly identical stats to the regular version, having the same durability and mobility with exception of slightly higher top speed. Cosmetically, the Command Panzer's most distinguishing feature is a shorter barrel gun.

The main difference is the Command version sacrifices anti-tank capabilities for support utility. This is most obvious with its main weapon armament, which is an inferior version of the regular Panzer IV main cannon due to having much lower penetration and slightly lower rate of fire. The unit also does not have access to an additional MG upgrade.

In exchange for sacrificing anti-tank capability, it has a variety of support utility and better anti-infantry potential. By default it has the ability to toggle between Armour-Piercing (AP) and High Explosive (HE) rounds. AP uses its default weapon stats, while switching to HE rounds enables it to fire rounds with greatly increased radius and area damage, making it far more effective against infantry at the cost of greatly reduced penetration.

Unique to the Command Panzer, by default it has the Armored Leadership passive which boosts nearby friendly vehicle armour alongside a rate of fire increase. In addition, friendly vehicles destroyed in the aura boosts the rate of fire increase further for a short duration. At veterancy level 1 it gains the active ability Supervised Advance which when activated, grants nearby friendly units increased movement speed and reduced received accuracy.

The Command Panzer IV is a great force multiplier. It is the only unit in the game that can increase armour values for vehicles, alongside granting a rate of fire buff. Since the armour bonus is percentage based, the bonuses are larger if the unit already has high armour values. However light vehicles will still appreciate the armour boost especially as even a small increase makes a large difference against small arms penetration. In addition the rate of fire bonus is a significant offensive buff. Note that Armored Leadership is an aura effect, and so the bonus effects go away if the unit leaves range of the Command Panzer.

Upon reaching veterancy level 1, its Supervised Advance ability can be useful to help move and reposition the army faster, provided they stay in range of the Command Panzer. The received accuracy bonus is most helpful when units are moving (as most units are still easy to hit when standing still) and as such is a great complimentary bonus on top of increased movement speed. Note that it affects all units, including infantry.

As a unit on its own, it is essentially a more anti-infantry focused version of the regular Panzer IV. Thanks to being able to toggle between AP/HE rounds, the player can turn it into an effective anti-infantry tank and then toggle back when necessary to fight various vehicles. Its regular weapon (AP rounds) significantly lacks penetration compared to the regular Panzer IV and as such, this unit is far less effective against armour.

Perhaps the largest downside of the Command Panzer is simply finding the opportunity to make use of it - it is a relatively expensive unit that can only be attained in the late game due to high CP requirements to unlock, and is specific to a battlegroup. For Wehrmacht in particular however, it requires less total CPs to unlock compared to the DAK version, and thus this weakness is alleviated significantly. In the late game one often needs anti-tank capabilities, which the Command version certainly lacks. In addition, as a force multiplier, it is best used supporting an already existing vehicle army which of course, requires lots of resources beforehand to create. Still, if anti-tank needs are not urgent and there are already vehicles ready to be supported, the Command Panzer tank is incredibly beneficial due to its force multiplier enhancements.


medium tank

CoH3 Stats light Cover Icon105
CoH3 Stats negative Cover Icon70
CoH3 Stats medium tank Portrait
CoH3 Stats heavy Cover Icon170
CoH3 Stats light Cover Icon105
  • The Command Panzer IV's Armored Leadership aura does not apply to itself.


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

1800 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Increases turret traverse speed, and acceleration.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

5400 XP

Increases rotation rate, rate of fire, and accuracy.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

10800 XP

Increases rotation rate, rate of fire, and acceleration.

Veterancy Abilities:

  • Supervised Advance: Active aura ability gained upon reaching veterancy level 1. When activated, nearby friendly units gain +20% increased movement speed as well as -20% received accuracy for a short duration. Works like an aura effect. This is a useful way to help your army move and reposition faster, but just as important is the incredible combat bonus of making all nearby units harder to hit. An incredibly powerful ability overall assuming one can keep up with micromanagement demands.


Spotting Scopes icon
Spotting Scopes
Upgrades the unit with a spotting scope.
Munitions Cost


  • Spotting Scopes: This upgrade is only available when the Spotting Scopes perk within Mechanized Battlegroup is obtained. Increases the vision range of the unit by +10 when stationary.

  • Side Skirts: Upgrade available from the . Note, this unit does not benefit from this upgrade. This is likely an unintended bug.


Armored Leadership icon
Armored Leadership
Increases the rate of fire and armor of nearby vehicles. Rate of fire bonus increases when a friendly vehicle is destroyed in the aura.
+20% rate of fire and +20% armor. +15% additional rate fire bonus when friendly vehicle is destroyed for %4% seconds.
Hold Fire Disabled icon
Hold Fire Disabled
Unit will not engage unless given a manual attack order when active.
Smoke Canisters icon
Smoke Canisters
Orders the vehicle crew to deploy smoke canisters in front of the vehicle.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Supervised Advance icon
Supervised Advance
Nearby infantry and vehicles move faster and are harder to hit when active.
+20% speed and units are 20% harder to hit.
Munitions Cost


Armor-piercing Rounds Loaded icon
Armor-piercing Rounds Loaded
Load anti-infantry with a moderate blast radius or anti-vehicle rounds that can damage vehicles.
Time Cost


Note: This unit cannot gain Smoke Canisters as that ability is exclusive to the Mechanized Battlegroup.

  • Toggle Armor-Piercing Rounds / High-Explosive Rounds: Active toggle ability. This unit can freely toggle between AP or HE rounds. By default, AP rounds is equipped and uses the default weapon stats. When toggled 'on' to HE rounds, the unit fires rounds that explode with far greater radius and area damage, but at the cost of greatly reduced penetration. As such, the Command Panzer has greatly enhanced anti-infantry potential compared to the regular Panzer IV version, should the player be able to micromanage it well. There is a 6 second cooldown between swapping ammo types.

  • Armored Leadership: Passive aura ability. The unit passively increases nearby friendly vehicles rate of fire by +20%, as well as all their armour values by +20% (includes side and rear armour). In addition, friendly vehicles destroyed in the aura increases the rate of fire bonus further by an additional +15% (for a total of +35%) for 10 seconds.

    A straight combat boost is always appreciated, but the increased durability is quite significant. Since it is percentage based, the armour bonus is larger for units who already have high armour - however, the increase is still appreciated by light vehicles especially since even a small armour increase can make a large difference in damage taken by small arms. As an extra bonus, when a friendly vehicle is destroyed in the aura, the rate of fire bonus is further increased significantly for a short duration. This is helpful in on-going fights as it helps ensure the fight goes in the DAK player's favour even as losses occur.


  • The default main cannon on the Command Panzer (aka AP rounds) is noticeably weaker than the standard Panzer IV tank's cannon, featuring less damage and penetration.