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Panzergrenadier Squad

Panzergrenadier Squad
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Advanced infantry very effective against infantry at short and medium range. Fast capture speed. Can throw Bundled Grenades.

Note: This page refers to the Wehrmacht unit. For the DAK version, refer to this:

Despite sharing the same name, both units are fairly different and belong to different factions.

The Panzergrenadier Squad is an advanced Wehrmacht infantry unit. In skirmishes, it is available from the .

As mentioned on the page, Wehrmacht work differently than other factions in that while technically Grenadiers are their first 'mainline' infantry unit, they are generally weaker than most units and instead play a supportive role beyond early game. The Wehrmacht Panzergrenadier, alongside the , is one such example of more advanced infantry units that would typically take over the mainline role after the early stages of a match, and benefits heavily from being supported by Grenadiers.

Panergrenadiers have much greater durability over Grenadiers, sporting 115 health per model although having a slightly smaller squad size of 5. Offensively, the entire squad is armed with MP44 assault rifles that grant them greatly improved close and medium range damage per second (DPS) performance compared to Grenadiers, only being out-damaged above 20 meters range. Similarly, they out-perform the below 20 meters range. Compared to other units like the USF , UKF , and DAK they easily out-perform them at close range and sometimes a little further beyond that.

By default this unit comes with the Bundled Grenade ability that works the same as any other frag grenade ability, but of course explodes with far greater area of effect and damage. Most effective against infantry clustered together in cover or in garrisons. Panzergrenadiers also have access to Breach, allowing them to initiate breaching against enemy garrisons which if successfully completed, will forcefully eject and retreat the enemy units while the Panzergrenadiers take over the garrison for themselves.

At veterancy level one they gain the Mechanized Assault ability, which temporarily increases their speed and makes them harder to hit for the duration.

Overall Panzergrenadiers are suitable 'replacements' for frontline generalist duties. Wehrmacht players will often need to choose between building either the or the (as it is rare to have the time and resources to build both), influencing which units they will have access to for the rest of the match. The Panzergrenadier fits their building's theme of mechanized combat quite well, making for excellent assault units and overall better frontline fighters compared to Grenadiers.

Compared to Jäger squads, they are much more skewed towards close quarters combat and anti-infantry duties, as they for example lack any anti-tank capabilities and perform worse at long range. As they are more advanced but costly units, they typically trade well against most Allied infantry available at the time, though care must be taken when engaging elite Battlegroup exclusive units like the USF and , or the UKF .


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

1000 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Unit is harder to hit.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

3000 XP

Increases accuracy, rate of fire, and unit is harder to hit.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

6000 XP

Increases accuracy, rate of fire, and health.

Veterancy Abilities

  • Mechanized Assault: Active ability gained after reaching veterancy level 1. The unit gains +50% movement speed and -15% received accuracy. Quite similar to other 'sprint' abilities, although it grants less speed but adds a major combat bonus for the duration of the ability. Great when they need to get into position faster, such as a hard hitting flank. However, since it makes them harder to hit it can also simply be used as a free combat boost at a moment's notice, helping to trade favourably even when not moving.


Breach icon
Squad will breach the target building, forcing enemy squads to exit and take heavy damage after a short delay.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Bundled Grenade icon
Bundled Grenade
Throws a grenade that deals high damage to infantry in a moderate area. Very effective against infantry in cover or structures.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Mechanized Assault icon
Mechanized Assault
Increases squad's speed and makes the unit harder to hit when active.
Time Cost


  • Bundled Grenade: Active ability. Throws a frag grenade at the target location for a Munitions cost. The grenade will explode after a short delay. Works the same as any other frag grenade ability, although with larger area of effect and overall greater damage. Most effective against infantry clustered together especially in cover or garrisons.

  • Breach: Active ability. The unit will advance toward the targeted enemy garrison. Upon reaching one of the entrances, the squad will begin 'channeling' the ability, with a progress bar being visible above them alongside a breaching indicator. During this time a wary opponent can react by evacuating their garrisoned squad(s) before it is too late, avoiding consequences. If the breach successfully goes through however, the garrisoned squad(s) take significant damage and are forcefully ejected and forced to retreat, while the breaching squad takes over the garrison. While Breach will typically fail to deal damage against aware opponents, it still does its job of forcefully evacuating a building.

This unit can benefit from the following upgrades/perks listed below:


  • Panzergrenadier Officer Quarters: Promotes all units from the Panzergrenadier Kompanie to Veterancy 1 and increases their veterancy earn rate by 25%. Includes current and future units.

    • This affects the , , , , and

Breakthrough Battlegroup

  • Breakthrough: Active ability. Infantry gain +50% faster capture/decapture rate for the duration of the ability.

Luftwaffe Battlegroup

  • Infantry Reserves: Reduces reinforcement cost of all infantry units by 25%.

Mechanized Battlgroup

  • Fuel Seizure: Infantry that capture fuel points immediately grants +5 fuel.

  • Mechanized Assault: Active ability. Vehicles auto-repair, and infantry move faster, take less damage, and are harder to hit when near friendly vehicles for duration of ability.

Italian Coastal Battlegroup

  • Designate Defensive Line: Active ability. Permanently mark a friendly territory point or Bunker as a Defensive Line. Infantry in the radius take less damage. Heals vehicles and infantry out of combat. Lasts until destroyed, decaptured, or a new point is designated.

  • Call the Reserves!: Active ability. All infantry units near bunkers will gain combat bonuses and periodically reinforce for free when active.