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StuG III D Assault Gun

StuG III D Assault Gun
StuG III D Assault Gun Portrait
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Medium vehicle very effective against structures and infantry. Entire vehicle must face target to fire.

Note: This refers to the DAK unit. For the Wehrmacht version, see here: . Both versions are nearly identical, although they benefit from different upgrades and use different abilities.

Not to be confused with the StuG III G variant, which is available to both Wehrmacht () and DAK ()

The StuG III D Assault Gun (often abbreviated as Stug D) is a DAK medium tank unit. In multiplayer skirmishes it is available from the and requires an additional research, Support Armor Elements, to access. The DAK can attain the D variant normally, but can only attain the G variant from its Armored Reserves Deployment system.

The Stug D has a different weapon than the G variant, but other than that they are identical. Rather than firing direct shots like typical tanks do, the D variant instead fires indirect lobbing volleys that explode much like artillery explosions. This is very effective against infantry and structures, although it is capable of damaging vehicles too. Due to the projectile travel time, it is usually ineffective against moving targets. The unit can be ordered to Attack Ground, which is generally far more accurate than auto attacking. This can be useful if you need precision especially when attacking units in cover or retreating, though it requires more micromanagement and the StuG will continually attack the same spot if not given new orders.

Like all StuG tanks, it has a fixed gun that only faces forward, and thus the entire tank must face its target in order to fire. This leaves it very vulnerable to flanking as even an approach from a small angle off of the front will mean the StuG cannot fire, and must take time to rotate in order to do so. As such, StuG tanks, similar to heavy weapon teams, are best utilized with support or with additional numbers to cover this weakness.

As with all StuG tanks, they feature excellent health and armour values for their low cost, making them effective damage soakers. This makes the StuG tank a great low cost shield for advancing armies, as their frontal armour can take the brunt of many direct attacks in order to protect other units.


medium tank

CoH3 Stats light Cover Icon110
CoH3 Stats negative Cover Icon90
CoH3 Stats medium tank Portrait
CoH3 Stats heavy Cover Icon210
CoH3 Stats light Cover Icon110


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

1000 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Increases accuracy and acceleration.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

3000 XP

Increases rotation rate, rate of fire, and accuracy.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

6000 XP

Increases rotation rate, rate of fire, and acceleration.

Veterancy Abilities

  • Firing Positions: Active toggle ability that is gained upon reaching veterancy level 1. When toggled on, the StuG D disables its movement and reduces its rate of fire. In exchange, it gains increase range and accuracy. This is useful when the StuG is in a good position and can utilize the increased range with impunity, so long as it is properly supported in case of counter attacks. Can be combined with Attack Ground to attack targets at long range even through the fog of war. The toggle has a short 5 second cooldown.


MG 42 Machine Gun icon
MG 42 Machine Gun
Upgrades the unit with a fixed machine gun.
Munitions Cost


  • MG 42 Machine Gun: Upgrades the unit with a fixed machine gun facing forward. Significantly increases anti-infantry performance.


Blitzkrieg icon
Increases vehicle speed, rate of fire, and makes unit harder to hit when active.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Hold Fire Disabled icon
Hold Fire Disabled
Unit will not engage unless given a manual attack order when active.
Stealth Off icon
Stealth Off
Toggle to enable Stealth. Vehicle must be out of combat for at least 6 seconds before it can stealth again.
Emergency Repair Kits icon
Emergency Repair Kits
The unit will slowly repair damage when out of combat and stationary.
Restores +%1% health per second.
Smoke Canisters icon
Smoke Canisters
Orders the vehicle crew to deploy smoke canisters in front of the vehicle.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Firing Positions Disabled icon
Firing Positions Disabled
Locks the vehicle in place at its current position.
Disables movement, but not rotation. -50% rate of fire, +50% range.
Time Cost


Vehicle Awareness icon
Vehicle Awareness
Enables the vehicle to detect enemy vehicles in the fog of war.
Vehicle Capture icon
Vehicle Capture
Increases speed, rotation rate, and allows the vehicle to capture and decapture territory.
+20% speed and +15% rotation rate.

Armory Upgrades/Abilities

  • Emergency Repair Kits: Passive ability. The unit will repair itself when stationary and out of combat. Requires the Emergency Repair Kits upgrade from the Armory.

  • Smoke Canisters: Active ability. Drops smoke directly in front of the vehicle. Requires the Vehicle Survival Package upgrade from the Armory.

  • Vehicle Capture: Passive ability. The unit gains increased movement speed, rotation rate, and is able to capture/decapture territory. Requires the Rapid Advance upgrade from the Armory.

  • Tungsten Core Ammunition: Globally upgrades the penetration of all tank guns and autocannons. Cosmetically the weapon's tracer effects are also changed to a greenish colour.

Armored Support Battlegroup

  • Vehicle Awareness: Passive ability. The vehicle can detect enemy vehicles in the fog of war. Requires the Vehicle Awareness perk.

  • Panzer Storm: Active battlegroup ability. Upon activation, globally increases the speed of all vehicles and grants them immunity to engine criticals for the duration.