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Standard infantry effective against infantry at long-range. Can fire rifle grenades and anti-tank grenades.

The Infantry Section (also known as Tommies) is the mainline infantry unit of the UKF. In skirmishes they are produced from the . With three different weapon upgrades available as well as being able to be upgraded with rifle grenades and anti-tank snare abilities, they are versatile infantry that can capably fight and support on the frontlines.

Unlike most infantry which deal more damage at closer range, this unit has an extremely linear damage curve by default. This means their basic Lee Enfield rifles deal practically identical damage per second (DPS) at all ranges. As of result, Tommies do not need to be rushed into close quarters to perform better, and in fact generally are best kept at range since other units tend to deal more damage up close.

The choice of upgrades determines their overall role on the battlefield, and can either grant them more utility (Recce Package), better anti-infantry performance (Bren LMG), or better anti-vehicle weapons (Boys Anti-Tank Rifle Package). More details can be seen in the upgrades and abilities sections below. It should be noted that while Tommies are not detector units by default, once upgraded with Recce Package their detection range is significantly increased, allowing them reveal camouflaged units at a greater range.

In general, Tommies are effective mainline infantry, with their greatest strength being their various upgrade paths that gives them a lot of versatility, alongside their general prowess at long ranged combat. Like other mainline infantry, they can be upgraded to gain frag grenades and anti-tank snares, making them capable infantry that can support pushes and discourage threatening vehicle charges. As mentioned above, they are best used at range as their DPS does not change at closer ranges, whereas most other units deal more damage up close. This is further supported by their veterancy level 1 passive Base of Fire, which allows them to perform better while in cover against enemies out of cover.

Aside from their upgrade choices, they can scale quite well into the later stages of match thanks to the Infantry Training upgrade from the . It grants enough experience to hit veterancy level 1 practically immediately, and grants important permanent combat bonuses that they will need as stronger opposition rises.

This unit benefits from the Infantry Training upgrade available at the .


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

900 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Unit is harder to hit.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

2700 XP

Increases accuracy, rate of fire, and unit is harder to hit.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

5400 XP

Increases accuracy, rate of fire, and health.

Veterancy Abilities

  • Base of Fire: This passive is granted upon reaching veterancy level 1. While standing in cover, the Infantry Section will have increased accuracy against enemy infantry units that are out of cover. The icon for the passive (bottom right) will light up when the cover requirement is met - otherwise, it will gray out when the Infantry Section is out of cover. Additionally, the squad will have an indicator above them during combat when the passive is activated, letting players know they meet the cover requirement and may be dealing more damage to infantry.


Boys Anti-tank Rifle Package icon
Boys Anti-tank Rifle Package
Equips the squad with 2 Boys Anti-Tank rifles. Effective when attacking rear-armor.
Munitions Cost


Bren Light Machine Gun icon
Bren Light Machine Gun
Equips the squad with a Bren Light Machine Gun.
Munitions Cost


  • The Recce Package grants the squad two scoped Lee Enfield rifles that have superior accuracy at all ranges compared to their regular rifles, therefore slightly increasing the squad's anti-infantry performance overall. These scoped rifles also have +25% accuracy against units in cover, helping to mitigate cover bonuses. Additionally, the package also grants increased sight range by +5, and access to new abilities: the Recon Flare, and the Forward Observer Artillery Barrage. Lastly, the Recce Package also increases the unit's detection range, turning them into a 'detector' which can reveal camouflaged units at a larger range. More info can be found in the abilities section below.

  • The Boys Anti-Tank Rifle Package grants the squad two anti-tank rifles that are very effective against light vehicles, though these are no substitute for anti-armour weapons as they will struggle to penetrate heavier frontal armour. However, it can still be useful to discourage armour charges and can deal respectable damage if used on the flanks of heavier armour. In exchange for gaining the Boys AT rifles which allows them to better tackle vehicles, the squad's anti-infantry performance is significantly reduced as these weapons are less effective against infantry.

  • The Bren Light Machine Gun upgrade grants the squad one Bren LMG which significantly increases the squad's anti-infantry performance at all ranges. It is a straight combat upgrade for a Tommy squad, dealing more damage overall compared to Recce Package though it offers no utility. Note that this Bren LMG cannot be fired on the move, and thus constantly moving will be detrimental to the squad's damage output.

Once upgraded with one of the above three packages, the decision cannot be reversed/changed.


Base of Fire icon
Base of Fire
Increased accuracy against targets out of cover.
+15% accuracy against targets out of cover.
Recon Flare icon
Recon Flare
Fires a flare over the target area that will provide vision and reveal camouflaged units for a short period of time.
Provides vision for %1% seconds in a radius of %2%.
Time Cost


Recon Flare icon
Recon Flare
Fires a flare over the target area that will provide vision and reveal camouflaged units for a short period of time.
Time Cost


Forward Observer Artillery Barrage icon
Forward Observer Artillery Barrage
Requests the HQ howitzer to barrage the target area. Very effective against stationary targets.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Rifle Grenade icon
Rifle Grenade
Fires an explosive grenade that deals high damage to infantry in a small radius. Effective against infantry in cover or structures.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Valour icon
Improves offensive and defensive capabilities of infantry as they take casualties.
-15% incoming damage, +15% rate of fire, and +15% accuracy. Bonuses increase by +5% when squad reaches 38% and 22% of its current squad size.

Recce Package grants two abilities: Recon Flare and Forward Observer Artillery Barrage. It also increases the squad's detection range, turning them into a detector unit.

  • Recon Flare: Fires a flare at the target location which reveals a large area. No resource cost, but long cooldown. Helpful for getting intel at long range and with little risk.

  • Forward Observer Artillery Barrage: Call in an artillery barrage from the base HQ howitzer. This particular artillery strike is very slow, striking after a long initial delay. While it gives opponents plenty of time to react and thus is not exactly reliable for killing, it is quite cheap for an artillery ability and nevertheless still does its purpose of forcing enemies to move or else take damage.

  • Detector: Not an actual ability, but it is worth noting that the Recce Package will also increase the squad's detection range, allowing them to reveal camouflaged units at a larger range compared to most units.

Research Upgrades

Grenade Package is a research upgrade available from the . It grants all Infantry Section squads two new abilities: Rifle Grenade and Anti-Tank Grenade.

  • Rifle Grenade: Allows the squad to pay a Munitions cost to launch a frag grenade at the targeted area. Has higher maximum range than other similar 'grenade throw' abilities of other units, and also instantly explodes upon landing. However, as a downside the ability also has a large minimum range where the ability cannot be cast, preventing it from being used in close quarters. It also overall has a longer windup time before the grenade launches.

  • Anti-Tank Grenade: Similar to other 'anti-tank snare' abilities of other units, this is a short ranged ability that costs Munitions to throw an explosive at an enemy vehicle. Once thrown, the grenade is guaranteed to 'stick' to the vehicle and deal its damage - this cannot be avoided as soon as the ability successfully casts. In general it will cause 'Crew Shocked' status, which temporarily slows the vehicle down for a short time. If the vehicle is damaged to 50% or lower health, it will instead cause 'Engine Damaged' instead, which permanently slows down the vehicle until it is fully repaired. AT snares are great for discouraging vehicle dives and can be combined with things like AT guns, to ensure quick destruction of vehicles. Multiple anti-tank grenades can be used successively to force an engine damage or cause more damage.

Infantry Training is a research upgrade available from the , granting bonuses to further improve veteran UKF units.

  • Infantry Training: Available from the . Grants +800 veterancy XP, and veteran infantry units gain +10% accuracy, +10% reload speed, and -10% received accuracy.

Battlegroup Abilities

Indian Artillery Battlegroup

  • Valour: Once Valour is attained from the Indian Artillery battlegroup, all UKF infantry gain the passive ability Valour. When the squad loses half of its members (rounding down), Valour will activate, granting bonuses to the squad. In the case of Infantry Section, it will only activate when down to two or less members. Likewise, it will deactivate if the number of squad members is more than half. Bonuses include -15% incoming damage, +15% rate of fire, and +15% accuracy, and these bonuses are further increased by +5% up to twice, maximizing when down to the last soldier.


  • By default, Tommies have one soldier that is equipped with the Webley Revolver. This weapon is slightly worse than the default rifles the rest of the squad has, with worse DPS at all ranges comparatively. It is the first weapon to be replaced when the squad gains new weapons, such as from their various upgrade packages.


  • A popular slang for a common soldier in the British soldier is "Tommy Atkins", often shortened to 'Tommy' or 'Tommies'. While its origin is subject to debate, it was a very common and well-known slang during both World Wars. Armies outside of the British, including Commonwealth, French, and German soldiers, frequently called British soldiers Tommies. Likewise, in-game voice lines as well as players frequently refer to Infantry Sections as Tommies.