2.5-tonne Utility Truck Symbol

2.5-tonne Utility Truck

2.5-tonne Utility Truck
2.5-tonne Utility Truck Portrait
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Light transport vehicles that can improve resource income of territory points.

Note: This refers to the Wehrmacht unit. For the DAK version, see here:

The 2.5-Tonne Utility Truck is a Wehrmacht vehicle unit. In skirmishes, it is an exclusive call-in unit with the Breakthrough Battlegroup, specifically through the ability named the same as the unit.

Once called in, the truck's main purpose is to 'park' near a desired Munitions or Fuel point and toggle on its Resource Supervision ability. When toggled on, the unit will remain stationary and provide +4 Munitions or Fuel income depending on the resource point. Does not apply bonus to Manpower nodes.

Aside from that, the unit is capable of towing abandoned weapons, but otherwise has extremely limited utility. Unlike the DAK version, or many other similar units, it completely lacks many standard functions such as transport capacity (which also means it cannot tow crewed weapons), ability to Recrew Weapon, or ability to reinforce nearby squads. As such, the "Utility" in its name is technically misleading.

Due to its extremely limited utility, the unit can be thought of as essentially a mobile Resource Cache, as it serves the same function. However, unlike the Resource Cache, it only provides a flat bonus and thus does not scale with the resource node (ex. a Resource Cache will provide more bonuses on a +10 or +16 resource point). It should be noted that this flat bonus income will stack with an existing Resource Cache's bonus on a Munitions or Fuel point, meaning one can double up on a single point to significantly increase Munitions or Fuel income. This is a fairly risky trade-off of spending a lot of initial resources for long term gains, though in team matches it can be worth the risk due to increased total income (as increased income applies to all team members rather than just one player).


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Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

1560 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Increases rotation rate and acceleration.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

3120 XP

Increases speed, sight, and rotation rate.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

6240 XP

Increases speed, acceleration, reinforce range, and health.

Note: This unit does not gain any new abilities upon levelling up. It also cannot reinforce squads and thus the increased reinforce range benefit is useless to it.


Support Veterancy icon
Support Veterancy
Receives veterancy experience from nearby allies when they earn veterancy experience. The shared experience is split between each unit with this ability near that ally.
Resource Supervision Disabled icon
Resource Supervision Disabled
Order the unit to disable its movement to increase the resources generated by fuel and munitions points.
Drop Heavy Weapon icon
Drop Heavy Weapon
Orders the unit to drop its towed heavy weapon at the target position.
Tow Heavy Weapon icon
Tow Heavy Weapon
Orders the unit to tow the selected heavy weapon. Non-abandoned heavy weapons will have their crew board the vehicle.
  • Resource Supervision: Active toggle ability. It is toggled off by default, allowing the unit to move. Once the truck is close to a resource node (generally within the capture radius), the truck will be able to toggle this ability on. When toggled on, the truck disables its movement completely and adds a +4 Munitions or Fuel bonus to the player's income. Does not apply any bonuses if used over a Manpower node. This bonus is flat and thus will always be +4 regardless of what kind of Munitions or Fuel point it supervises. This ability is essentially the only function/purpose of the Wehrmacht 2.5-tonne Utility Truck.

  • Support Veterancy: This unit can gain veterancy XP when nearby friendly units gain XP, allowing it to gain experience despite having no weapons. It should be noted that this passive is fairly diminished on this unit as it does not gain any new abilities upon levelling up, and some of the veterancy bonuses do not actually apply to it (such as increased reinforce range).

  • Tow Heavy Weapon: This unit can tow various abandoned weapons on the field. As it is a larger truck, it can also tow the heaviest of weapons such as the UKF and the DAK. It should be noted this unit does not have transport capacity, and thus it cannot tow non-abandoned weapons due to being unable to carry crewmen.