2.5-tonne Medical Truck Symbol

2.5-tonne Medical Truck

2.5-tonne Medical Truck
2.5-tonne Medical Truck Portrait
Wehrmacht Icon

Light transport vehicle that can reinforce and heal nearby infantry squads. Can be damaged by small-arms.

Note: This unit is not available in skirmishes.

For the actual DAK unit used in skirmishes, see here:


light armoured car

CoH3 Stats light Cover Icon6
CoH3 Stats negative Cover Icon4
CoH3 Stats light armoured car Portrait
CoH3 Stats heavy Cover Icon8
CoH3 Stats light Cover Icon6


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

1560 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Increases rotation rate and acceleration.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

3120 XP

Increases speed, sight, healing range, and rotation rate.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

6240 XP

Increases speed, acceleration, reinforce range, and health.


Auto-Reinforce Disabled icon
Auto-Reinforce Disabled
Automatically reinforces nearby infantry squads and team weapons when active.
Support Veterancy icon
Support Veterancy
Receives veterancy experience from nearby allies when they earn veterancy experience. The shared experience is split between each unit with this ability near that ally.
Medical Station icon
Medical Station
When stationary, heals nearby infantry that are out of combat.
Recrew Weapon icon
Recrew Weapon
Deploys infantry to recrew an abandoned team weapon.
Manpower Cost


Time Cost