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Wirbelwind Flakpanzer

Wirbelwind Flakpanzer
Wirbelwind Flakpanzer Portrait
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Medium vehicle very effective against infantry and light vehicles. Can shoot down aircraft.

The Wirbelwind Flakpanzer is a Wehrmacht vehicle unit. In skirmishes, it is available from the (requires an additional upgrade, Support Elements from the building to be unlocked for production). Alternatively, it can be deployed via the Luftwaffe Combat Group ability within the Luftwaffe Battlegroup.

The Wirbelwind is essentially a medium vehicle, featuring greater health and armour than many light vehicles, although it is still significantly weaker in durability compared to other tanks such as the . Offensively, its main weapon is an autocannon that is effective against infantry and light vehicles, thanks to its fast rate of fire and powerful bursts. It is also one of few units capable of shooting down aircraft, and as such can be classified as an anti-aircraft weapon.

Due to the increased firepower compared to small arms, the Wirbelwind can be devastating against unprepared units. Its relatively fast speed means it can be useful as a 'shock' vehicle that can easily overrun infantry and give chase when needed, especially if they are not in cover. Similarly, its weapon has enough penetration to deal with typical light vehicles quite effectively, though it is still low enough that it will struggle against most tanks in general. However, once it gains its veteran ability (see below for more info), it gains a powerful tool to help support anti-tank duties. Since it acts as an anti-aircraft unit, Wirbelwinds can also be powerful counters to aircraft abilities especially as it is generally more effective than other anti-air weapons due to its combination of decent mobility, turret rotation rate, and fast rate of fire.

By default this unit comes with the Hull Down ability. This is a toggle ability that allows the unit to 'dig-in' over several seconds. Once dug-in, the unit will receive significant damage reduction alongside other combat bonuses, but disables its movement completely.

At veterancy level 1 it gains the White Phosphorus Rounds ability, which when activated temporarily changes the Wirbelwind's standard projectiles to white phosphorus rounds. This allows the unit to suppress infantry, and any enemy vehicles hit will also have its vision reduced temporarily.


medium tank

CoH3 Stats light Cover Icon75
CoH3 Stats negative Cover Icon40
CoH3 Stats medium tank Portrait
CoH3 Stats heavy Cover Icon100
CoH3 Stats light Cover Icon75


Veteran Star FullVeteran Star EmptyVeteran Star Empty

1500 XP

Unlocks veteran ability. Increases accuracy and acceleration.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Empty

4500 XP

Increases rotation rate, rate of fire, and accuracy.
Veteran Star FullVeteran Star FullVeteran Star Full

9000 XP

Increases rotation rate, acceleration, range, and accuracy.

Veterancy Abilities

  • White Phosphorus Rounds: Active ability gained upon reaching veterancy level 1. Upon activation, the Wirbelwind modifies its default attack projectiles to white phosphorus rounds for a duration of 30 seconds. Visually, the white phosphorus projectiles are far brighter white, and creates bombastic spark effects upon hitting. For the duration, the Wirbelwind's attacks apply suppression in a similar manner to HMG team. When attacking vehicles, enemy vehicles hit will have their vision range reduced by -75% for 5 seconds. Overall a powerful ability that grants this unit better capabilities against more armoured targets, especially as a way to support anti-tank duties fulfilled by other units. It straight up improves its anti-infantry effectiveness too, and should be noted that the suppression is area of effect and thus the Wirbelwind can suppress units close to the primary target. 45 second cooldown that starts after the duration ends.


Camouflage Netting icon
Camouflage Netting
Equips camouflage netting. When stationary and not in combat, camouflaged vehicles cannot be seen by the enemy. Camouflaged units can be detected at close range.
Munitions Cost


Hulldown icon
Upgrades the unit with entrenching equipment.
Munitions Cost


Spotting Scopes icon
Spotting Scopes
Upgrades the unit with a spotting scope.
Munitions Cost


Note: Camouflage netting and Hulldown (Munitions upgrade) are not available in skirmishes.

  • Spotting Scopes: This upgrade is only available when the Spotting Scopes perk within Mechanized Battlegroup is obtained. Increases the vision range of the unit by +10 when stationary.


Focused Fire icon
Focused Fire
Orders the crew to focus on firing the primary weapon when active.
Time Cost


Hold Fire Disabled icon
Hold Fire Disabled
Unit will not engage unless given a manual attack order when active.
Hull Down icon
Hull Down
Order the vehicle crew to hull down their vehicle.
Disable Hull Down icon
Disable Hull Down
Order vehicle to leave hull down.
Self-repair icon
Orders the crew to repair their own vehicle.
Munitions Cost


Smoke Canisters icon
Smoke Canisters
Orders the vehicle crew to deploy smoke canisters in front of the vehicle.
Munitions Cost


Time Cost


Note: Focused Fire and Self-Repair are not available in skirmishes.

  • Hull Down: Active toggle ability. Can only be used when out of combat. When toggled on, the unit will begin 'channeling' a digging animation that cannot be cancelled, for 10 seconds. After digging in is complete, the unit will visually appear to have sandbags around it. The unit will gain -25% damage reduction, +5 range, +5 vision, and +30% rate of fire, at the cost of disabled movement and vehicle rotation (turret is unaffected). Toggling off is instantaneous. Has no cooldown, though remember that toggling it on requires the unit to be out of combat. Overall Hull Down allows for impressive defensive capabilities, though it does require setting up ahead of time to make use of it especially due to the lengthy dig-in time and out of combat requirement. For the Wirbelwind in particular, it is rarely used as the Wirbelwind usually benefits most from using its mobility to get out of danger, and despite the damage reduction it still is fairly vulnerable compared to heavier vehicles.

  • Smoke Canisters: Active ability only available to this unit when the Raid Package perk is obtained within the Mechanized Battlegroup. When activated, the unit drops smoke directly at its location, creating sight-obscuring smoke clouds. Useful for various purposes, especially as a defensive tool to retreat in the face of enemy fire.


  • The Wirbelwind's main weapon is one of the most effective anti-aircraft weapons in the game, mostly due to the combination of decent mobility, rotation rate, and fast rate of fire on the unit.