CoHdex Roadmap

Our team is striving to make CoHdex a site filled with great data, tools, and guides for Company of Heroes 3. To do this we are continually developing the site, and constantly looking for feedback from our users and the CoH3 community. Check out the implemented and planned changes in the roadmap below! If you'd like something added,please join the discord and start a discussion with us!

  1. πŸŽ‰ Initial Release of CoHdex

    The Initial Release of CoHdex!

  2. 🧍 Addition of User Account System

    This Release includes the introduction of CoHdex User Account System. This allows users to sign up and log in. Creating an account will give users the ability to comment on articles and wiki pages. In the future, having an account will also give players a better insight to their own stats and performance.

  3. πŸ“– Initial Release of CoH3 Unit Wiki

    This Release includes the first version of the CoHdex CoH3 Unit Wiki. This will include a directory page with all units, and a page for each unit with all of the information we can gather.

  4. ✊ Community Editable CoH3 Wiki

    This Release will allow the CoHdex community to edit the CoH3 Wiki. This release also included touch ups to the wiki unit page adding tables for abilities, upgrades, and a table of contents.

  5. πŸ†• Wiki Update

    This Release will add a few pages and sections to the generative Company of Heroes 3 wiki pages including pages for factions, and buildings!

  6. πŸ† Player Leaderboards

    This will be our first player statistic tool release. The Player Leaderboards tool will give users a dashboard where they can track and compare the rankings of players in the community. This will include a leaderboard for each faction and game mode.

  7. πŸ“Š CoH3 Player Stats

    This will be our second player statistic tool release. The Company of Heroes 3 Player Stats tool will give players insight into their match history and statistics.

  8. πŸ” Site Wide Search

    This release will give users the ability to search the entire site for articles, wiki pages, and tools. Hopefully it makes Company of Heroes 3 information far easier to find!

  9. ✏️ Editor Improvements

    This release will give users more control of their wiki editor experience! The editor will write much closer to a normal 'What you see is what you get' editor!

  10. ✍️ Player Contributed Guides

    This Release will allow players to create Player Guides for factions, units, battlegroups, maps, and just about anything else that's CoH3 related!

  11. 🎁 Wiki Wrapup

    This Release will wrap up sections of the generative wiki including sections for Battlegroups, Maps, and New Player Guides!

  12. 🧰 Release of CoH3 Unit DPS Comparison Tool

    This will be our first large tool release. The Unit DPS Comparison Tool will give users a dashboard where they can compare the DPS of units against each other. This will include Squad DPS, Weapon DPS, and Unit DPS per Cost Comparisons.