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Produces: Panzerpioneers, Panzergrenadiers, Kradschützen Motorcycle Team, and 250 Light Carrier.

Note: Each Faction has their own Headquarters building. This page refers to the DAK version.

As with all Headquarter structures, every player starts with one HQ pre-placed in specific starting locations of each map in skirmish. New Headquarters cannot be constructed - if it is destroyed, existing engineer units must repair it in order to restore it.

Unlike all other factions, the DAK Headquarters allows production of multiple units that make up the bulk of its early forces. This includes the , , , and (commonly known as the 250 halftrack).

The DAK by default have access to a Deployment System, which offers four different call-ins of unit bundles (typically a unit alongside a 250 Light Carrier) on a shared 6 minute cooldown. By default the DAK only have access to Panzerjäger Mechanized Group or the Assault Mechanized Group, with the other two options unlocked once Fire Support Elements is researched from the , or the is constructed.

The DAK Headquarters is also home to a research upgrade, Armored Reserves, which replaces its default halftrack Deployment System with entirely new tank options, allowing the deployment of units like the and . Armored Reserves requires the construction of the .

Change Log

1.6.1 Hotfix April 11 2024

Afrikakorps Tiger Deployment Call-In – We love that this unit is seeing more play! However, it is hitting the battlefield too quickly and does not allow enough time for the proper counterplay. We are increasing the cost to make this unit a bit less cost effective. This will also make teching straight for it riskier. 

  • Fuel cost increased from 180 to 220 

1.6 'Coral Viper' April 2 2024

We are further adjusting Armored Reserves by adjusting prices. We are making most of the call-ins cheap on manpower as Afrikakorps struggles for this resource in the late game, rather than fuel.   

We are also giving the Tiger a substantial cost reduction as it is a major risk for the Afrikakorps to reach the Tiger and then purchase it. There will still be a major opportunity window for players to punish rushing for a Tiger without preparing counters in advance.  

  • StuG G III, Panzer IV, and Panzer III Armored Reserved call-in manpower cost reduced from 500 to 400  

  • Armored Reserves Panzer IV and StuG III G fuel cost increased from 70 to 80  

  • Armored Reserves Panzer III fuel cost increased from 60 to 70  

  • Tiger Heavy Tank call-in cost reduced from 800 manpower and 240 fuel to 700 manpower and 180 fuel  


Armored Reserves icon
Armored Reserves
Replaces the half-track deployment system with armored vehicle call-ins.
Fuel Cost


Manpower Cost



Reinforce MP
Reinforce Time
Armor Front
Armor Rear
Armor Side
Capture Rate
Decap Rate
Unit icon250 Light CarrierFaction iconVehicle250--6.2512535240-5.534357.3--
Unit iconKradschützen Motorcycle TeamFaction iconVehicle200--310030200-31.5345131.251
Unit iconPanzerpioneer SquadFaction iconInfantry200--42373201---353.61.151
Unit iconPanzergrenadier SquadFaction iconInfantry300-66.252835001---353.61.331